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im not doin much 2night jus gonna lay back n listen 2 beats while i fuck sum ppl up on Call Of Duty World At War for tha 360, bout to cop that Black Ops 2! if you wanna play add me my gamertag is YuNgWyTe Also follow me on Twitter @yungwyte937 thats it 4 2night everyone keep it 1000 Stop cheatin on ya babymom's n STOP THE NEW EPIDEMIC THATS SPREADING LIKE WILDFIRE...STOP SNITCHING!!! ITS RIDICULOUS THAT GROWN ASS PPL GOTTA ACT LIKE LIL KIDS N TADDLE TALE ON EACH OTHER YOU OLD ENOUGH 2 DO THE CRIME, THEN UR ASS SHOULD B MAN/WOMEN ENOUGH TO DO THA TIME!


I just started my "Reverbnation" page. Things you should know about me. 1. I write all my own songs 2. All of my music is based on real life experinces 3. Nothing I say or do is false (goes with number 2) 4. I've tried to write bout things that's never happend to me and I just can't do it.