6 Month update

This week we uploaded every track on the debut with the exception of "Transcending the Macrocosm," due to the size of the file, this one you can check out over at our bandcamp page, so fear not.

Been quite some time since we posted an update, since our last entry Cryptos spent several months jamming and performing shows with the band Project Armageddon while Depravis spent his time composing material for the next Spectral Manifest album. So far this year, the band has opened for the legendary Venom Inc and is now assembling riffs and ideas for the aforementioned follow-up to the late 2014 self-titled debut. Definite song titles include As Moths To Flame, Lightless Burroughs Beneath, The Phantom Depths and Through Endless Void. More shows to be announced last spring/early summer.

Late Summer Updates

Some of you many have heard that we have parted ways with our bassist, Ulfr Thorvaldson following our appearance at the Las Vegas Death Fest. He is still a a member of the family, he relocated to Colorado and we wish him well. Our new bassist is Jd De La Rosa, who produced the album, as well as plays guitar for Severance, drums for Daggra and a bunch of stuff in a bunch of other bands! We are very fortunate to have him aboard for as long as his time allows. We just played our first show with him, no rehearsal and it went really well. Up next we will be performing at the 5th annual Building Temples From Death fest in Houston, TX on Sept. 24th at Fitzgerald's.

New material is also in the works, as more develops on that front , we will update.

2015 Happenings

Here we are in the second quarter of the year 2015 and things have been moving right along. The album is out on Ossuary Industries, response has been fantastic and we have so far been the first US death metal band to grace a Hermes Music stage, performed at A Day in the Valley of Death IV Fest, shared the stage with Robert Lowe (Solitude Aeturnus, ex-Candlemass) and are confirmed for the Las Vegas Death VII and Building Temples From Death V Fest. Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future!

21 Days Out!

Hails to you all reading this! We are just three short weeks away from the release of the debut album, our first for Ossuary Industries. We are honored to be their 23rd release! Please share our youtube teaser with everyone you know!

New Sneak Preview Promo Teaser on Youtube

We have just put a sneak peak promo teaser, just under 5 minutes long, up on Youtube. Check our video section and click on it.

Cd release Free Show at Sound Exchange on Halloween Night

On Halloween night, we will be releasing the album! We will be doing a free show at Sound Exchange here in Houston, performing the album as well as having our friends from Kingsville, Funeral Ash as special guests.

Spiritual Gallows gets airplay on KNON 89.3 FM in Dallas, TX

The Dungeon program, which airs on KNON 89.3 FM in Dallas, TX on Saturday nights at midnight, played "Spiritual Gallows" last night and they now have it for requests! So make sure and call in and request it loud and proud!

Live Manifestations

We have some live shows coming up if you are in the Texas area.

6/20 Houston @ White Swan 7/19 Corpus Christi @ Zero's 8/8 Austin @ Beerland 8/9 Houston/The Woodlands @ The 19th Hole

New Mobile App Launched Today for Spectral Manifest

Spectral Manifest has launched an app for our fans' mobile devices. Spread the word and thank you all for your continued support. The wraith horde grows!

Forbidden Arts video announced

We have decided a video will be made for the song "Forbidden Arts," before the release of the album in October. We will be working with two top notch filmmakers on this project, Josh Vargas and Mel House, who have agreed to collaborate on this beast.