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Most of you play way too many shows and some of you play just the right amount. No difference you say? WRONG! If you're on tour, that's one thing, but if you play 6-8 times a month in the same area, chances are you're not going to draw well every time because you are spreading out your fan base too thin (and fans are completely separate issue anyways...). Sure, you're always playing for new people, but what if they don't like you or they like you just enough to hit that "like" button? Then you're not getting anywhere. Plus, venues/bookers notice which bands bring fans and will know better not to book you again unless they hear from reliable resources that they should otherwise. That's why the bigger bands in our area know to only play 1 or 2 shows a month, but they bounce around to different venues. Their draw is (usually) always better and they reap more benefits. So unless your signed and sponsored by Jagermeister (who requires you to play 6 shows a month) or some other music related business, we urge you to take it one show at a time and treat each show as it will be the best one ever!


While there are many great promoting companies in the area, when it comes to direct promoting though... and we're being dead honest... it's all up to you bands! Sure, if we have a show, you know we promote it (and not just on our page) and we also tag and post major announcements, but realize this: while there may be 613 people that like us... Do all of those come from your bands page of likes? Definitely not! Especially with us, we have more band members that like us than fans. We wish we had more fans, but that's the way it is! So the best way your fans are going to know about your shows and anything else you are up to is through you! Specifically through your pages, profiles, emails, twitters, texts, phone calls, flyers, hitting the pavement, etc. Sometimes we see/hear bands complaining that we as promoters don't do enough and in reality, even if we do all that we can, if you aren't promoting, then any type of failure rests on your shoulders, not ours. You want to be known, then do it yourself! Of course we'll always be here to help, but think about it this way... What if there were no promotional agencies... It would still be up to you! So get to it! \m/,


It sucks, we hear you lol. But unless your band can consistently bring 50+ people to every show (give or take of course), it's part of being a local band. If you're in a band, specifically with 3-6 members and maybe a manager, 10 tickets should not be hard to do at all. If each person sells 2 tickets, that's a great start for any show but it should not be your final number. If you're in a band that has 1 maybe 2 individuals selling tickets, then you're not maximizing your numbers and you probably won't go anywhere anytime soon. IT'S A BAND EFFORT! Keep in mind, agencies and venues notice who does their work and who wastes their time. Those that do their work always reap more benefits and those that don't bother trying are usually not asked back again. We are honest in saying that we give bands a few chances before we decide it's best to not to book/promote them anymore because if their fans are not coming to their shows, it makes them look bad and can give us a negative image as well. We do understand that some fans are stingy and that's a topic for another time, but if you're not pushing tickets through FB, your phone, the streets, etc., you're wasting your time. The real bands that have what it takes and know what it takes to make it to the next level understand this including that you're not always going to get paid for your hard efforts (again another topic for another time). With that being said ----- Try a deal on your tickets sometimes as long as you meet the requirements of your shows! (We know Erasing Never does that and it seems to workout well!) Or when you create your FB events, as soon as you see one of your fans hit that accept/join button, reach out to them with "I have your ticket right here! When do you want to meet up?" BE PROACTIVE! And think about it... At this stage in the game... Is it more important to make money or be noticed... Just a thought. ----- Now again, this is a broad subject and we are only scratching the surface, but feel free to share this tip and/or comment. We know some of you didn't like reading this, but that's ok, we're sure that it still hit home. Plus, if you can't accept your faults/difficulties, how will you grow? \m/,


Want your band to get noticed a little more? Then share the love by tagging others (FACEBOOK ONLY OF COURSE, BUT YOU CAN TAG REVERB PAGES!). It is an easy promotional tool and takes only a few seconds to do (just insert the @ symbol followed by the bands name, but it will not work if your page does not like that bands page, so do that first ;)). Not only will the other bands fans notice, but those bands will (hopefully) return the favor. Plus, when a band recommends a band that they like, there's always a good chance that their fans will check that band out. ----- And here's another tip to add on to that! When you make a post with tags, you can tag up to 10 pages, people, etc. So tag your 10 bands... Then share that link on your own wall! When we do that, we increase the amount of individuals who see these tags from around 600 to around 1600... That's an increase of 266% possible individuals to promote to! So if you're a 5 piece band that has say 1500 likes... Then you share that same link on each band members wall... Well shit... You do the math! lol Either way it's more publicity! ----- So if you're not tagging, then don't complain to others why you're not getting noticed. We know a few bands that only tag those that tag them and that's a good thing and bad thing at the same time, but a tag is still a tag. It won't turn your band into a national sell out, but a few extra likes/fans can help! And PS: Don't forget to tag your friendly neighborhood promoters! We need some lovin' too!