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Greetings everyone!!! It's good to be back...

What's up everyone--i've been working on several new songs--should have a few up by week's end.

To all subscribed to theDoR newsletter, I'll have that out for y'all this week. There's much to tell. Anyways, Bcool everyone--theDoR.***

Slight Delay...

Sorry everyone--I know I promised 2 new songs uploaded by the weekend, but I haven't been able to make it to the pawn shop yet to get my equipment back--the place is closed on the weekends; imagine that shit? Anyways, I'm gonna have everything together by Wednesday and I'll at least have 1 new punk song uploaded by week's end. Thanks to everyone who's come out to be a fan of theDoR--y'all are the greatest!!!


I'm gettin' my recording equipment outta hock on Wednesday--I've got the tracks laid for 2 new punk tunes, I've just gotta lay down the vocal track. I'll have them uploaded by Friday. Today (4/9), I uploaded 3 songs that have fallen through the cracks over the past year--they're a little rough around the edges and not mastered very well--but they're just throwaway songs anyhow--just thought I'd give everyone something new before I start uploading some REAL new shit. Be cool everybody and have a great week, the DoR.


Got most of my recording equipment in hock till' mid-April. I'm just sittin' around chillin' with my beautiful wife Jennifer gettin' ready to watch a movie. Have a good weekend everyone. Luv, theDoR.

Cows in Barns

What's up everybody?!?!? just wanted to say thanks for all y'all who've come out and become one of my fans.:)--Y'all are the greatest! Be cool, the DoR

Fuck Tri-Met

I spend at least 3 dollars a day on public transportation here in Portland, OR--those guards who work for Tri-Met are fucking pricks--My point is--FUCK YOU Tri-met Pigs.