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Sampling Rant

I would like to compare with other producers out there to figure out best practice, etc. Just went to a beat battle over the weekend, and the winners were pretty heavy on the sped up "Kanye" old soul samples. Like Illiad, I prefer when it's done right, and not over-used. Moderation is the key. You don't really hear that style on the radio anymore. Now there is a lot more synth present. Maybe there will be a resurgence of that, but you don't even hear it from Kanye. Or: this is what the hip-hop producers bring to the battle. Illiad should be in the lab later today to let me hear some new beats, and I'll try to get a gauge of his growth in the past 4 months. Here's my question: Where is Hip-Hop going? What will the sub-genres be? How will Rap music evolve within hip-hop and other forms of music?

I think that the collaborations of hip-hop and other mediums point to a higher calling. I hope to answer that call. My greatest dream is to put together a collection of beats that can have the same effect as the sampled beats (sped-up voices on high) "senza" vocal sampling.Even I like it, don't get me wrong, but what is the new approach? Essentially, with this type of sampling the passion of the vocalist is translated into the hook.

Illiad took a very both first step last Saturday and did the first round without sampling, and the winner of that round presented heavily sampled material (like Illiads other stuff). I wonder if Kanye was there with any of his latest beats, would he have advanced without his own signature debut "Chicago" style? It is what it is.

Ryszard Rynkowski

Another one of my obsessive Polish fantasies has come to fruition, probably by the energy that I have attracted. I'm singing back-up vocals (what's the Polish text for "oooh ahhh"?) for a well-known Polish vocalist on EMI named ... uhm ... Ryszard Rynkowski! Dec. 11th @ Copernicus Center - Bonus points with the in-laws! ;)

My Technical Stuff

So this is the first blog...

It seems that on every project, or new song uploaded, I find some new technique for composition. I will be happy to share these ideas, as this is also a reference for and a source of my own inspiration. Please feel free to comment!