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Show me good & I'll show u great!

Serious Question?

Does anyone know of any artists getting signed off reverb nation?

The Nerve of Wack Emcees....

I gotta share this with ya'll. This clown told me that he charges to collab!!!!!! But get this, dude is not even close to my level, so really I was gonna dumb it down for him. I refuse to pay to collab with any artist who is not signed to a major label or have a MAJOR buzz and not just in Albuquerque,NW.(that's where dude is from) I'm really thinkin' bout exposing this clown's identity so that you all can hear him, and tell me if you would pay to collab with him.

GrimeyGabe  (about 7 years ago)

He is already on some dumb shit cause why would anyone pay to collab with a nobody like he should be trying to get heard like I will punch his ass if I see him for talking dumb.You aint go no where thinking like that.

Let's get real for a moment!

You all know just like I know that 90% of the artists on here are WACK! Seriously, and that's said without hatin'. Wack artists are the reason why GOOD artists don't get heard! I say that because if your on here and you listen to like 10 different artists and their music is straight trash.... then you kind of get the feeling, almost everyone's music is gonna sound that way. But don't get it twisted... there is talented artists with GOOD music on here and WE need to stick together! I wanna know how y'all feel about WACK artists. TALK TO ME...

Let 'em Shine
Let 'em Shine  (over 7 years ago)

i think wack rappers shouldnt give up, but stop postin stuff too much cuz its gettin in the way of the artist that are actually good, bump that i say just if you wack pick a new thing to do cuz i kno im not wack and wack rappers make me mad especially fake rappers i keep it 100 all the time -Blitz p.s ya music is hot

Lady Shyne
Lady Shyne  (over 7 years ago)

I feel like wack artist have such confidence it's amazing!!!! I just created a page last week and I have listened to many....majority not so great. Should I click "fan" just because they clicked me when honestly its not appeasing to me??? I don't know this is like a network game so to speak...how do u separate the good from the bad???

GrimeyGabe  (over 7 years ago)

Before I start I just want to say I mignt I give you a shout in that freestyle but the dude cut the beat to short but I got you on the mixtape.

But if your wack I feel you should keep grinding because hard work always pays off I show love to everyone that even showed me love but if your wack you should not be posting more then one song O and good job with the mixtape.

L-TRIZZ  (over 7 years ago)

Try 98 % of the artists on here! They suck ass!