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The 2016 Josie Music Awards

Truly honoured tonight....To be nominated in 4 offical categories in the hugely prestigious "The 2016 Josie Music Awards"(Link below!) which will be held on sunday September 18th at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville , Tennessee ...I have been nominated in the "Male Artist Of The Year" Traditional/ Classic Country category , and "The Male Vocalist Of The Year" category, " Male Songwriter Of The Year" (Country) in the Songwriter Category , and "Song Of The Year" Traditional/Classic Country for this humble original song of mine "Where The Blue Roses Grow"...Wonderful wonderful wonderful news!!!! X

UK Number 1 (2013-2014)

UK Number 1 (2013-2014) For the last year I have been proud to be the Number 1 Country Music Artist in the UK, aside from a few weeks here & there when other very fine UK based acts took over at the top of these charts. Lately , I am alarmed to see the amount of Nashville based acts listing London as their base, to achieve the top spot in the UK. This to me, is wrong. Nothing wrong with healthy competition on any chart, in fairness , we already have that here in the UK, but that competition should in reality , be based here. I would like to thank all my fans for getting me to the top spot this past year, posting the songs on various social networks etc, but, it leads to a puzzle. Is there really any point in the continued promotion of my humble songs, if reverbnation allow such things to happen?

6 Months as UK Number One

From a truly humble place.......Number One UK Country Music Artist now over 6 months on reverbnation UK Artist Charts .........So, a huge big thank you to all the beautiful hearts who have kept me there at the very top of the tree........A huge big heartfelt thank you also, for all the song plays , video plays, kind comments also. And to all those who continue to post the reverbnation links worldwide......my love as always .....we make a great team........X..... Per aspera ad astra!!!!(Wink!)X

Uk Number One

Truly honoured to have been the Number One Country Music Artist in the UK from March 2013- June 2013.......A little sad to see artists with no plays......no fans........no stats at all travel onwards & upwards on a Global Country chart .......that now........truly means nothing........Tonight, I step backwards .......I will not encourage my beautiful fans to keep playing my songs.......Those that have listened......Thank you most kindly.......for your beautiful ears & your beautiful hearts........We go on......always......But......maybe in a different way........a fairer way......a truer way........X

UK Number One Country Music Artist

From a truly humble place......Very pleased today to become the Number One Country Music Artist in the UK on reverbnation today.. A huge achievment & a huge honour.....A big heartfelt thank you to each & every beautiful heart who has taken precious time to listen to our humble songs on this world renowned music site.......Champagne glass raised to one & all........Big day tomorrow with the launch of my latest album of 14 original songs called "Tonight We Dream Beneath The Stars" which features this humble song called "My Beautiful Angel"........A big thank you to the wonderful DJ's who continue to support & play my songs on the radio always, all over this beautiful country music planet......But, most of all a big thank you to you.. your love as always warms my heart X

New Album Release

March 7 sees the latest album release by country songwriter Pete Rivers called "Tonight We Dream Beneath The Stars". Featuring 14 original songs previously not available on CD. The album is available on the BerLon label and you can obtain a copy from peteriversmusic@yahoo.co.uk "Tonight We Dream Beneath The Stars" Track Listing 1/ The Girl Of My Dreams 2/ My Beautiful Angel 3/ Presley Orbison & Cash 4/ My Pretty One 5/ Dancing Hearts 6/ In Walked Love 7/Always An Angel In my Eyes 8/ Every Old Sock Finds An Old Shoe 9/ Blue Memphis Night 10/ You Never Can Tell(With This Baby Of Mine) 11/ Only Love Can Rescue Me Now 12/ Will This Lonely Rose Ever Be Found 13/ Nobody Will Love You Like I Do 14/ May There Be Angels Waiting There For You

Irish Radio Birthday Tribute

Firstly , a huge big thank you to a true country gentleman, the wonderful renowned Howard Myers for his "Double Birthday Tribute Show to Pete Rivers & Elvis Presley on his 10 -1 show last night on www.irishcountrymusicradio.com Truly honoured , truly humbled.....a huge big back you to those beautiful hearts who requested songs, to those who left such wonderful comments, and to the wonderful listeners. It is so nice to receive such wonderful feedback.....kinda makes your heart glow X

German Radio Pete Rivers Birthday Special

A Special Radio Show for Pete Rivers on his birthday 5 January at 18:00 in UTC+01 Pete Rivers Fan Club / German Radio Assosiation

Kenny Lee's Nashville Country Music Stars TV Show

Firstly, a huge big thank you to the awesome Kenny Lee for showcasing my humble song "Presley Orbison & Cash" on his great new Nashville TV show last night, and the very kind words on the song also. Secondly, a huge big thank you to all those wonderful people who liked the song whilst watching, and for the truly fantastic comments also.So pleased, that so many who had not heard of our music before were so impressed, and really liked the song.God willing, we shall be in Nashville very soon, and it would be truly an honour to play for you all there ,and truly great to meet such great country music fans. To all those fans/friends/supporters who voted for me in the first place, this is only the beginning of what I hope & pray shall be a wonderful adventure, thank you all so much for your beautiful hearts, I thank you always from the very bottom of mine. Last night I had a great big smile on my face........and .......we must always find the time to smile.......x

Judy Cebertowicz
Judy Cebertowicz  (about 6 years ago)

See you in Nashville !.. I'm proud to know you ....and even prouder now that so many are noticing your great talent ...God Bless x

Pete Rivers


Featuring the winning song "Presley Orbison & Cash" By Pete Rivers