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There are two new releases coming your way in the next few weeks ...the first is ECHOS....and the second is tenatively titled BALLARD OF CHARLIE RAFFERTY. will give more info as the time grows near ...hoping this will occur sooner than later good Lord willing.

Georgianna Landry English
Georgianna Landry English  (over 4 years ago)

Can't wait Allan. I really like the titles too.
Love you


I would like to thank all my friends on Myspace,Reverb Nation and Facebook for lifting me to a level i have never been before.thank you all for helping me attain this award,.as long as you are by my side together we can do anything. hope to see you on the road soon,make sure you all introduce yourselves to me if we meet. once again,thank you everyone on myspace,reverb nation and facebook along with all the digital stores out there who sell my music. peace,love and light...ab...♫♫


EGEND of CHARLIE RAFFERTY by Allan Benoit on Monday, April 25, 2011 at 3:34pm

I am in the fial stages of the files part of my newest album,much to the glee of label prez harold s.

who by the way has been more than understanding with the life changes of the last year.

to say this album was late would be a gross understatement and use of the word late...

nonthe less i am carrying on with the final stage before the files are sent to the label for last minute tweeks ...lol

this album..LEDGEND of CHARLIE RAFFERTY is as far away from anything i have done in the past lyric and story

wise and touches on topics i have never dwelled upon before.

the songs are about my alta ego whom in this instants is called charlie.

i would have to say it is about 70/30 fact and the rest for story sake only.

those who have known me or who knew me from the band days will pick up on it fast as to what is true etc.

i am hoping that this album will show another side of my writing ablity, and show some folks that i can write about

things other than love songs...ie,drugs,booze,bad lovers a,d other wonderous things.

it will be very interesting indeed how people recieve this album.i will say that it is for the most part in your face with no excuses given.

it is as they say a part of my past like it or not it is who i am and or was.

the title track sets the tone right from the start and leaves no question where the rest of the album will go.

the opening line to the title track goes like this...

"my name is charlie rafferty,im a singer and i do well.

i like the life im living,if you dont then go to hell"

lyrics (c) ab 2010

the opening lines set the tone and i hope a better understanding of the man behind the words...

when a song is born

s a songwriter i find myself at wits end trying to finish a song without ending it with lyrics not altogether fitting the rest of the story line,just for the sake of getting the song.

...case in point...

YOUR ARE THERE was a song that came to me in a flash ,composed and finished in 5 minutes....

CRAZY IN LOVE and MONDAY MORNING BLUES along with MOTORCYCLE MAMA were all 5 minute songs.

when i say 5 minute song,i use it as a way of pointing out the fact that these songs are conceived ,written and music put to them in a matter of minutes.

i call these GIFT songs because they come to you complete in every way ,present themselves in a manner in which you hear them playing in your mind and are done and finished that fast.

this sings are the exception to the rule of song writing and only happen when you least expect them to and if you dont jump on them when they present themselves they go lost forever.

when then there is the song that you really like the thought of ,some good lyrics and good music to go with those lyrics...problem is 5 lines of lyrics does a song not make.

case in point...been working on a song called CALLING BIRD for almost 3 years now.when i say 3 years that doesnt mean i have been racking my brain all that time,it means i have had the song half written and or was happy with what i had done but needed more lyrics or just had a few lines of good lyrics and the music was good to it .

soooooo you put it on the shelf so to speak so that it doesnt get lost and every now and then you take it off that shelf dust it off and work on it and try to finish it

these songs i refer to as labors of love,you give them a start and slowly they grow into what you had heard in your mind when you first started composing thrm.

a song i had a real hard time with was a song called LETS NOT TALK from my CLOUD DREAMER album.

that damn song still bugs me after all the years and rewrites it went through.it was written back in 72 for james taylor,(long story).

was rewritten in 99 for my first album TALL TALES.it was scraped and put away

it was rewriten for my POSTCARDS album and this time made it to the outtakes with recorded proof that it sucked,lol.

it was the kinda song where the music keep coming back and i just couldnt fit the right lyrics to it.

then one day while i was sitting on my bed playing some old songs of mine the song thought hit me.

now being the LUR HOND i was i began writing very hot lyrics for that fleeting tune that had been alluding me all those years.

the lyrics were more tongue in cheek than anything so i just went with it....

and it was given a home on my CLOUD DREAMER album.

hindsight being 20/20 the lyrics were a last ditch effort at me finishing a song that had been a pain in my ARS for untold years,sould have and still might marry that music to better lyrics one day...

the workings of a mad songwriter they say...lol

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