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RANDOM Ashley's last show.

Wellp, there you have it! Random Ashley is now on vacation. This past Friday at Double Wide in Dallas was the night. And an amazing night it was.

It has come to mind that most people have been wondering what the hell we’re going to be up to now that shes taking a break. Well, if you follow us then that means you follow us as the family BURLESQUE INDUSTRIES. Under this name we hold such titles as Feralis, Planet Disco, Cuero Bizarro, Random, Joseph. (siRNA), Breakdown & Primitive Return.

We have been talking a lot about what the next two years holds for us. We have sessions booked with one engineer to finish up the first Aristoscat album. We also have sessions booked with another to finish up the Feralis tracks and Primitive Return tunes that were recorded last year. There are also a few film makers we are talking to about filming more music videos, there is a DVD in the talks, film soundtracks…. Crap, you name it. The only thing RANDOM will not be apart of is the live show. As for what project we will be hoping under and what songs we will be playing… that’s still up for debate. We should have an answer for everyone within the next week or so. Until we can get this news back to you, please check out our site at BurlesqueIndustries.BlogSpot.com, follow us on twitter, subscribe on YouTube and like us on FaceBook. Please share the name and let us know what you think. We would much appreciate your input as fans.

The AristoNation

Hey everyone!!!

As you can see, I decided to finally make one of these. Hope you enjoy. If you are someone who has been following on any of the other pages; Myspace, Facebook, ILike etc... Then here is a treat for you. Posted up is the latest mix of "Carne Asada". New vocals and such. Hope you like.

The album is near completion and we are all very excited about it. We will keep you posted on the progress of "Music To Vice To" as the days go on.