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Sam Miller, Lead Guitar/Vox/Song Writer for ThirstyperfecT

I grew up in Helena, Montana. My life was great; I had a great family that loved me, they even forced me to go to church. I hated church! I was 12 when I started drinking and smoking pot. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever experienced. Every chance I got I was high. A few years later my parents stopped going to church. Things went down hill from that point. When I was 15 my parents divorced. I moved in with my mom. My mom let me do whatever I wanted, so I continued to grow my love for drugs. From then on it was nothing but drugs, parties and women. Life was great, right? Wrong! My world just fell apart. I dropped out of high school, had the police after me constantly, and pissed off every one I knew. But I didn't care, as I was high. When I was 18 I found meth. I didn't even like the crap, but it was so addicting that could not say no. That sucked man, staying up all night when all I wanted to do was sleep. I was depressed and had the fuzz watching me like a hawk. I had tried everything in my power to quit, but nothing worked. So I ran. I moved to Coeur d’Alene, ID when I was 19 or 20. I'm not sure of my age, I was pretty messed up. I thought the problem would be gone, but I soon ran into the same issues. If it wasn't one drug it was another--coke, meth, pot, ex, shrooms, and of course alcohol. It was the same cycle over and over, except this time the drugs I ran to for satisfaction were not doing their job any more. I was depressed and screwed up in the head. I tried every thing in my power to quit, but nothing worked. It got so bad that every time I drank I would totally black out. I would wake up with random women and all I could think about was the possibility of an STD. By the grace of God I never caught any. I felt so empty and unsatisfied; I was desperate and knew if something didn't change I would be dead or in prison. One night I prayed to a God that I didn't even think was real. I needed a miracle. Shortly after that night some friends and I were riding our sport bikes around town. A guy on another bike followed us to my house and just started talking to us. He ended up inviting me to church. I was desperate and figured only God could help me. I was right, God messed me up. At the very first service, I accepted Jesus Christ. I had an immediate change in my mind and in my heart. For the first six months I was hung over every Sunday, but I went again and again and again. Each time I went God was healing me, He healed me from my alcoholism and my drug addiction. From the start I felt the amazing presence of God and He blew me away. God is real and actually loved and accepted me for who I was. I was on fire for God. It was the first time I had ever really seen and experienced God working in my life. He was actually real! He started to heal me from the inside out. I didn't change and then go to church. I went to church and was changed. God was so patient and forgiving, finally I felt satisfied and like I had a purpose. I later found out that purpose was music. Because of the drugs, I rarely played my guitar and really was not that good. Because I didn't party any more, I had lots of spare time. I picked up my guitar and immediately felt God in my music. It was like he was telling me what to play. With the help of God I started writing songs. I was never good in English class and had never written lyrics to a song. I prayed before each session and I was amazed by the music and lyrics that came. It was obvious that God was helping. Two years later, I had ten songs written and an offer from a record company. I knew God's plan for me but decided to wait until I was more mature in Christ to take the deal. It had to be Gods timing. Christ changed my life and saved it. I'm not saying everything is perfect. But having the power of God in my life and knowing he is in control makes it easier. Every one needs to see the love of Christ and I'll do my best to show them.

Our THIRST for life is made PERFECT in Christ!