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Farewell Announcement

Dear Friends and Fans of Little King Hunter,

For a combination of personal and artistic reasons Little King Hunter is disbanding. It is with great regret that we announce our break up, having been a group for more than 5 years.

We would like to extend our greatest and most sincere appreciations to everyone who supported us through show attendance, music and merchandise sales, radio requests and online votes. We also want to thank all of the great bands for sharing the stage. Thanks to all the venues who booked us and thanks to everyone who collaborated with us to take photos, draw artwork and build online resources. A special thank you goes to Chance Gillis and Fred Lee of Omni Art Studios because without their knowledge and patience our music would have never seen any kind of medium.

Our music will continue to be available for stream and purchase online (ReverbNation, iTunes, etc.) and our Facebook/Twitter/Websites will remain active for some time.

Although we are going our separate ways, we are all going to stay committed to the industry in some way. Feel free to reach out to us, stay connected and see where the music takes us.

We couldn't leave without going through the archives and bringing you all one last song. Please enjoy "Lie Down to Die"; originally intended for our first EP.


Little King Hunter

Promotional Groove

Hey friends and fans! Are you a Grooveshark user? If you are: follow us on Grooveshark so we can get a sweet promotional package from them! http://grooveshark.com/lkhband Not a Grooveshark user? An account is totally free and it gives you streaming access to thousands and thousands of your favourite songs (including ours). Create and save playlists to access them from any computer. Want mobile access? $3 a month gets you access on a mobile device, gets rid of their ads and allows you to download their desktop application. It also bumps up the number of playlists and songs you're allowed to save.

Digital Sales!

Hey RN blog enthusiasts! You can now purchase our record in digital format right from our friends at CDBaby.com:


You won't be sorry ;)


QOATHAO Record Release

On November 1st, 2012 we announced the release of our first full-length record, Queen Of All That's Holy And Obscene. We couldn't be more excited to share the 2 years of hard work with our fans and we truly hope you find something inside the 11 tracks to identify with. Our goal was to capture the essence and energy of a live performance inside the perfection of a studio recording. See you at the release party in January and rock hard \m/ --JV