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Seasons Change

ITs funny. You work hard all your life to pursue goals that you think will make you feel whole and complete. But you never ask yourself what happens if "IT" never does really happen. I mean who does that who actually? Questioning the possibility of complete failure is usually NOT an option for most. It pretty much is viewed as a passive aggressive way of admitting defeat. But 10 years later I sit writing the first of what I hope to be many blogs on the only thing that ever mattered to me. My music. And Im thinking that very thing. What will I do if I shall fail at my quest. The only journey in this life that I have ever taken alone and without thought of its consequence. Several things come to mind but none of them....you know excite me. Now of them makes me smile or yearn to try harder and be better. Nothing motivates me like the sound of the 808 in the morning. Nothing moves me like a snare and a high hat intertwining in perfect melodic harmony. And nothing makes my heart feel as full as the sound of people screaming my name and singing the lyrics to my songs. So I say to you 10 years strong I wont stop. I cant stop. I musnt! YOLO KPDM to the fullest :) "Betty Boo The Rocker"