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Misfits -n- such...

Hey folks. I know a good many of ya saw us when we played with the Misfits this past Tuesday. Thanks to all those that signed up on Facebook/Reverbnation, bought merch, and general dug the show. Opening for the Misfits is definitley one of the biggest touring acts I personally have ever opened for. Probably the same goes for my Wretched Hive. We had a great time and it was great having members of the Fits coming up and saying they dug us. I think Dez(Black Flag) was fishing around for a free shirt. He could got it if he fished around with a couple of dollars! But again...we had a great time and thanks for the great response. Now check it out.....we are just starting to move and we have alot of activity starting to happen over here at the Stardust Casino. Our new official stand-alone website will be coming in the follow days/weeks. I've seen a preview, and it looks great. Also looks like an informative/yet easy to navigate site. The Superstar Chris Engler, drummer for the Wretched Hive, is also our webmaster. So looking forward to that. Also...both of the new shirt designs were well received and well purchased. Look for more designs in the near future. And all this crap isn't really worth it, if you don't have something to listen to. We are about half way through the writing process, and looking forward to recording and releasing album #2 next year! So far we are 6 for 6.....all thrill no fill. We think this record is going to be even a notch or two above the first record. No, we haven't "grown" or become better musicians. We've not matured or anything like that. We've just improved a few key things, like coming up with an even louder, more raw sound....and writing even catchier songs. My leads are probably even MORE out of key than last time. Trust me...that's a good thing. Alright people....thanks for your time. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Let us know if you know of a place we can hit in YOUR town...we'll do the rest. Also....be sure to keep an eye on our calender. We have confirmed shows in Asheville, Raleigh, and Charlotte...all next month (January 2011). And more being ironed out. Come get baptized!

New Reverb Nation site!

Hey people. Biggy here. Just getting use to this whole internet promotion stuff. Who'd a thought the internet could be used for more than just porn, going broke on Ebay, and stealing songs from U2 and Metallica???? Enjoy and let me know what you're thinking! -Biggy Stardust