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Happy New Year!

Happy new year all you prog fans out there. This year we WILL be releasing our full length album. 9 tracks with about an hour of proper prog metal! rumour is that there may even be a ballad on it!!!


Well we've not been lazing around watching the football (much) no, we've only gone and written a brand new song!! It's a belter. But for the time being the only place to hear it is this Friday in the Dreadnought rock club Bathgate (22nd) It's a triple bill with Sweep Across Horizons and Martins Room and should be a crackin night! It's also free....what more could you want? Take a break from the football and have a few beers with some great local talent.

Bass & Babies!

Quick post. Bass player Leen became a father to a wee girl Emily on the 28th March. So while he is knee deep in stinky nappies etc the rest of Abandoned Stars have started trying out new songs for the fabled full album! Peppe has a song in his locker that will no doubt be the test of drummer T and the rest! Talking of Peppe, there is a new video of him trying out a Suhr guitar. Suhr being the favored choice of Guthrie Govan! You can find it in the video section of the App as well as the other usual places. Anyway, I told you It was a quick post. More another time.

Spring sprung?

Hey, It's been a few weeks/months since I last posted here so here's what we've been up to. The EP 'Opening Act' has been getting some good radio play, a mix of web radio to FM stations and DAB it's all good. We even had our first webzine interview. Recently we signed to Two Side Moon promotions to help us get the band out there and already we are going to be in Fireworks magazine and on the CD sampler! Also, we will be in Rock Hard Italy Magazine and again on the sampler CD, I'll post dates nearer the time. The last gig was good as It was the first time we played certain songs live, It's good to see how an audience takes to them and It seemed to be going down well. Unfortunately we are entering a period of holidays/business and baby's so there won't be any gigs for the next month or 2. Keep checking our facebook page for more regular updates, and check back for more exciting info....unlike this one!

What's new?

So far this year we have been busy entering competitions, contacting review and radio pages and also promoting as best we can the EP Opening Act. The EP is now available as a download option on CDbaby and itunes but to be honest if you’re going to download the whole 4 tracks we suggest to get it from CDbaby as itunes are way too expensive (not our choice) You guys/girls out there can help, keep checking the facebook page and cast your votes in the many polls/comps etc that will be popping up and don't forget, if you haven’t already you can still purchase a CD direct from www.abandonedstars.co.uk Cheers. Abandoned Stars

Looking ahead

So Christmas has come and gone a bit like hurricane bawbag, but left more mess. We are already looking forward to 2012. Our EP Opening Act is available to buy now and we are working on getting it up on CDbaby etc very soon. Also the website www.abandonedstars.co.uk has had an update and will support PayPal soon too. The early part of 2012 should see us actually get out and gig, so keep watching facebook etc for updates as well as the App blog too. Happy new year.

Abandoned Stars.

Things are changing

You might notice that songs are disappearing on all the Abandoned Stars media pages. Fear not, were gearing up for the official launch of our EP ‘Opening Act’. Old mixes are out! New songs and New videos will be replacing them. Look out!