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save the homeless

https://www.gofundme.com/freetheworld help me end hunger ‌I kno people are tired of seeing the homeless on the street begging for food,I am going to start my own charity event so that they can eat and have some where to stay instead of sleeping in there car or on the ground,I was approached by a man last week that only had 11$ to his name and was sleeping in his car with his family i was said that I couldn't help him out because I had just put money on my bills,so I'm trying to make a stand to help the people in need hopefully somebody will See my cause as real I mean how many people do u see a week or a day or an hour on the corner begging for food some of them might be scams but they are trying to provide for there family's I kno u wud do the same if it was u,so think about it what would God or Jesus do(help me n I will make sure it will go to a good cause)May u b blessed as u give

dream big

In my life i dream big cuz my dreams are going to happen n i wont stop until i get sky high.i want to be able to chill n be on vacation n still work for wat i earn,like school,my own;muzic,poetry,love and i want to be able to b stable in wat i buy n do in life bcuz in life u shud have fun in live to the max Love Who U Wan Love drive wer u wan drive eat watchu wan eat do watchu wan do.and my thoughts have me going crazy cuz i dont want a relationship but u kno how god puts sumbody in ur life n der a good friend,u click with erythang u both like d same stuff,u both now howta make each utha smile,u kno bout her boundries,she lets u kno how she really feels(Mayne Love Is Crazy or is love jus gods wayz of telling u dat d girl u wit cud b ur soul mate or one of ur best buds)She Kno Wat It Is(Its Lil Solja Baby)


Im a flirt,im a rapper,i sing,i dance n i kno how to treat lady's around me n i am the next person to help stop the violence,solve the crimes against our people and against our women thatz why i talk to alot of women around me bcuz i feel like they deserve to b treated the queens,royalty,not a fashion sense meaning u get one girl wear her out n goto the next outfit naw ima man who will b friends with multiple women cuz in the future god will make me merry one of them so why not get ready now instead of prolongin the inevitable(Damn girl look watchu don)

i wana kno

Aye baby these are things i wan kno boutch;wat makes u cry,wat makes u smile,wat makes u unique,wat foods u like,wat are ur fantasys,wat seems romantic to u baby we can play 21 questions n ima answer ery one cuz i dont want us goin on wit out knowin the real us baby

my flaws

Im feen goin on this rap game no lie ion gon lie ona beat,ion gon cry ova the past,neva gon give up on my dreams and my passion fo love cuz wat people did to me n my past im feen b past dat cuz kno i kno wat i want n need and how i can get it n wer i can get it from and as The Lords and Gods wishes are fo me to love a cherish erybody around me encludin family,my girl,my world ya dig(Baby dey say ima cheat nawl y wud i cheat on a queen like u or lie to a women like u)ima have fans dat gone like my music and gon want songs yea ima doem n still live the BrokeMans Hustle Life

make me crack

Church boy swag(How u lovn dat)if i ask u answer if u i ask i hesitate den answer u kno sumthn on my mind u break me down in get me to talk den u kno waz on my mind fareal n wat im feelin at the moment if u my bro,my family,my wife,my son,my daughter u kno its gon b hard to break my shell so trya best cuz(Im jus a soul whos misunderstood but loved by My Team hated by the ones who see me ball ya dug me)I Does It

closing in

Im closing each and ery bank account i have and then im jus going to start investing my money into things that i need and havts have done bcuz all banks have way to many fees and i refuse to hav this lame dealership come to me sayin im arrested mane im tired of being broke wakin up thinkn wer ima get money to pay my rent(Today ima keep doin me but its time fa a new method a new breed to break out his cage n sho d world who the real Lil Solja Is)


If sumbody tells u not to love or be with sumbody because of who they are or wat they've been through stick with them no matter wat people will think because its ur life not theres and they don't see watchu see in that person or think bout wen u see him or her smile(cuz wen she smiles she puts a smile n thoughts n my head like yea 3 months can go further if we love one another)take care of your family,your friends,your bros,inlaws,who eva cuz ull needem in your life so cherish ery moment with them cuz u neva kno wen it cud b ur last vision of them

The Kids and Violence

hello i am kei-von andrews but most of you know me as Lil Solja.I am from indianpolis indiana and i am 23 one of the rising superstars from indianapolis the next to influence the youth of the nation to cut out all of the violence. My cause for the world is to stop the curruption and to solve the problems of the world and to stop the rize of americans going to the jail house instead the house of the lord. I see the world becoming into ruins and that the violence is causing a none ethical balance of crime and a life of crime and also the big rize of pollution and the smokers and drinkers of the world,i see that kids are not being taught from right and wrong and how to live a normal life because dead beat fathers and the parents that dont stay in there kids life and them drinking and smoking and using stop that will only effect the way the kids think and how they move and some of the kids come out with disorders that wer caused by there parents and are sometimes no curable that is why im here to say(No More of this Crap i will take and i cannot tolerate seeing a young child take another childs life and thats what my music is about,and i will stribe to influence the youth to be free and to live freely.

The Nation

the most respectfull and loyalest man in charge and im here to stay and im taking ova in 2012. in the year 2012 i will help the world b a better place to live and the violence should stop bcuz im tired of hearing people fight and hearing all the guns shots and people killing each uther bcuz it hurts the nation and those people who died cud have made the world better even kids like trayvon martin now deciest bcuz of a hate. the world is supposed to have changed after martin luther king junior,abe lincoln,and malcome x had got us together. lets all get along and love one another bcuz in heaven we are all one and in hell is where all evil and killers of saints go.