"Masquerade of Faces"

NEW VIDEO!!! "Masquerade Of Faces" Underground hip hop music has it's legendary writer, skilled with creativity. THIS IS DOPE!!! SHARE THIS... Amazing beat - powerful lyrics. Directed & Screen Write by Kev Hutch Produced & Written by Kev Hutch for Chicken Lover Music Edited by LMK peace of mind designs Associate Editor Kev Hutch Camera Work by Tamarae Lindstrom & Kev Hutch It's truly a incredible song on the "2016" album called "THEATERS & THEMES" Support Underground Music. FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT KEV HUTCH.


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Creativity lives in the world of Kev Hutch music... Click Play to see this epic video... "Planet Jumper" Directed & Produced by Kev Hutch Edited by LMK peace of mind designs Associate Editor Kev Hutch Camera Work by Carmen Ross & Kev Hutch https://youtu.be/JDxBSeoOitg This song is featured on the album: "THE FUTURE IS NOW" Can be purchased at any online digital music outlet : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-future-is-now/id973663664

"Culture Shock" TV Show

Hosted by New York City's 1# Underground Hip Hop artist Kev Hutch Based in Minnesota Lakes Area and Beyond. Kev Hutch displays his creativity in discussion about diabetes, the arts, taking his music worldwide. This is a very positive, spritually driven man with a independent based business. Videos, lectures around the world on self-development and health. Kev Hutch is appointed representative of Russian and American culture through freestyle music featured in Ufa City Russia... Taking Hip Hop Culture Worldwide... http://youtu.be/5yfEwhDGeOY

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I apologize if I cannot be able to be everywhere at once. I know there are so many hip-hop / music events going on. But I have to make a choice. I'm currently working on two movies as well as the documentary. In the studio recording three songs a week. Two albums every three months for the last two years. And currently working on other projects. Many are established and I have to keep in mind. I am a independent artists standing on my own foundation. Business, productivity and perfection is what my Focus is on! As i master each level of entertainment inside and outside of the business as well as enjoying my personal life. There will always be time to party and celebrate. But right now I have a mission to accomplish. And this mission can be seen very clearly! I am not playing. I have a lot of work to do! I thank God for allowing me to make some amazing tracks lately great inspiration. The universe is amazing. Time to get to work. Peace love and blessings to everyone stay focused down-to-earth and keep your eyes on Gods Glory. One love.


***NEW VIDEO!!!!*** Check out "War Cries" (Ferguson Missouri) Produced and Written by Kev Hutch. Edited by LMK peace of mind designs This is a very powerful song! I want to thank Adam Clayton Powell Jr. for the additional vocals & Lady of Iniquity.. http://youtu.be/F-kfuMptzRs


For a few months I've been back-and-forth on the road. And between that time. I managed to make enough beats for two albums. I accomplished a milestone with in myself . Now it's time to give you the written material with my beats. This is an arrangement of of many never heard styles originality. Some may be similar but all original material again. With all the knowledge that I have learned. I will now show you what I was planned to do. I just upped my weight class in professionalism! What's so great about all of this is. It has nothing to do with money. Just pure knowledge, wisdom, faith, love, creativity, passion blended into fine earthly music! I've mastered my patterns for moving around the system or what we call politics or the matrix. That's just confusion. and fine creativity is like a good meal. should not be mixed with confusion. This music will not stop. I'd like to thank everyone who has supported my songs and showing them love. All of you play a big part in everything I do. Positivity fuels my energy for truth! So many blessings to you all! One Love.


Aaaaaa September is here and in some places winter grows near.... I hope many have been getting ready for the winter season as it approaches. make sure you start stacking up and getting your health in order. I have had a very beautiful summer with lots of travels. Meeting good new people, seeing some wonderful things, . I always seem to be doing something interesting. Even when I'm just sitting around doing nothing. LOL God is good! lots of new music also and videos as usual.. I can't complain. I wish you all a fantastic month ahead. continue to spread love, unify!!!! peace and blessings to all. One love


Welcome to July. This is my blog for the month. As you know I love all kinds of music not only hip-hop music. We celebrate Independence and freedom worldwide even underground independent artists. With that being said. There are so many musical events in outside of hip-hop going on in many places New York City and across the country. Why I do not show up too many of them. Because they do not recognize that they used to be an independent artists or that they are independent artists.. They do not support local artists like myself. so I do not show up. I've supported and represented many events in New York City for many years and not one has Asked me to Perform. I'm not mad it does not stop my hustle. I have a few very big plans coming up that God has opened up for me setting well records soon. but i still find it kind of disrespectful that they do not recognize true artists who love the culture and support their events in the communities. I see this on my travels around the country in the United States where it is bias. Call me what you want but you could never make me a fool when I speak the truth. Always remember underground music we are the balance and I don't need a crew to do a one-man job. So all artists stand firm and stand strong with your dignity! The industry is running out of people and are refurbishing artist now. LoL . We shall triumph soon! Independents, unity, freedom in the name of good music and justice for all. I love you all dearly stay blessed. soon we shall rise. Have a glorious month everyone!

"Warriors Logic"

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