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Summer tours! Northward bound!

As its slowly warming up in Texas, we're about to unpack our southern winter clothes, for a bunch of northern adventures.

We will be back home here and there to visit our sweethearts, Jenn's chickens, Melissa's dog Betty,and all of our two-stepping friends in Texas! Check out our schedule here and on our website for info on shows in Alaska, Ontario, Norway, British Columbia, Maine, northern California, and more!

6/12/14 Acoustic Adventures Summer Concert Series in Fairbanks, AK 6/13/14 Denali Education Center in Denali, AK 6/14/14 Granite Creek Bluegrass Retreat in Sutton, AK 6/23/14 Hole in the Wall 40th Anniversary! in Austin, TX 6/28/14 Midway Food Court in Austin, TX 6/28/14 The ABGB in Austin, TX with Cindy Cashdollar and Zoe Muth 7/4-6/14 Marisposa Folk Festival in Orilla, Ontario 7/12/14 Viser i Fjell in Ringsaker, Norway 7/13/14 Buckley's Pub in Oslo, Norway 7/19-20/14 Vancouver Folk Festival in Vancouver, BC 7/24/14 Bowers Barn Concert in Walpole, ME 7/25/14 Ossippee Valley Music in Cornish, ME 7/27/14 Friendly River Music in Cornish, ME 8/01/14 Central Market North in Austin, TX 8/03/14 Ham Jam House Concert in Austin, TX 8/10/14 Dead on the Creek Fest in Willits, CA 9/05/14 Continental Club in Austin, TX with James Hand 10pm 9/13-14/14 Ottawa Folk Fest in Ottawa, Ontario


German tour dates

Hallo! Wie gehts? We're brushing up on our German, as we're leaving very soon to be part of the BLUEGRASS JAMBOREE, a 3-week tour of Germany along with Red Tail Ring and the Foggy Hogtown Boys

(www.bluegrassjamboree.de) GERMAN TOUR with the FOGGY HOGTOWN BOYS and RED TAIL RING 11/27/13 Kulturburo in Offenburg, Germany 11/28/13 Franzk in Reutlingen, Germany 11/29/13 Bürgerhaus in Dreieich, Germany 11/30/13 Zehntscheuer in Ravensburg, Germany 12/01/13 Amerikahaus in Munich, Germany 12/02/13 ParkTheater im Kurhaus Göggingen in Augsburg, Germany 12/03/13 Haus der Kultur in Waldkraiburg, Germany 12/04/13 Schloss Großlaupheim in Laupheim, Germany 12/05/13 Domicil in Dortmund, Germany 12/06/13 Gutsscheune Varrel in Stuhr, Germany 12/07/13 Bischofsmühle in Hidlesheim, Germany 12/08/13 Dreikönigskirche in Dresden, Germany 12/09/13 Hotel Pyramida in Prague, Czech Republic 12/10/13 Schlachthof in Kassel, Germany 12/11/13 Harmonie in Bonn, Germany 12/12/13 Passionskirche Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany 12/13/13 Landesbühne in Lutherstadt-Eisleben, Germany 12/14/13 Bürgersaal in Helmbrechts, Germany 12/15/13 Kulturfabrik in Roth, Germany

Pre-order "Old-Fashioned Gal"


We are heading to the studio in February to record our 2nd album, and we need your help. We've been saving away, but there are a lot of costs that come with making a studio album, and so we are taking pre-orders to help offset our expenses. We are very excited to get to work with Cindy Cashdollar (steel guitar and dobro genius) and Billy Lee Myers (sound engineer, Austin City Limits TV) as producers for this record!

Simply pre-order your copy (or copies) now via our website, and we will put yours in the mail as soon as they're off the presses. Our goal for pre-orders is 350, as of 1/22/13, we've already had 170 folks send in their $15 to reserve their copy. We hope to have the CD available by early summer, and you can have yours first!

Thanks for your support! Love, the Carper Family Jenn, Beth, and Melissa


New Website!