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Life Ain't Easy

Livin' life is a challenge, that's why we go through stages, Trials and Tribulations are only parts of the pages, You've written and scripted about what all you've went through, Some downfalls in your life make you realize your potential, Skills you never knew you had now put into good use, And holding yourself back from it was a poor excuse, In not succeeding and fulfilling your dreams, Sometimes life ain't exactly what it seems, But remove your stumbling blocks because life don't stop, For the One person who refuse to reach the top, And if at first you don't succeed, then get up and try again, And only then will you begin to true-ly UnderStand, That putting your blood, sweat, and tears into something worthwhile, Can leave long-lasting fulfillment that last more than a Mile, Hard work pays off even though it might be breezy, And everything in Life comes with a price so you know that Life Ain't Easy.

Written by: Nyle Isis Baal-at