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My EP has been released! You can get a copy of ON THE WIND by coming to one of my shows, or by downloading it from iTunes. Get a copy and let me know what you think! Be Blessed! - D

Exciting stuff!

Very soon the web pages will be updated with cover art and music from the new EP. Getting pretty excited!

Making Music

There is so much published about making music these days. The right way, the wrong way... how we feel about it. For me, it is just about the song. The words and the melody that flow out of my heart at any given moment. It can be something really light and meaningless - a silly stress relief - or it can be really deep. The bottom line is this: I have to just keep making music. Until next time.... Be Blessed! - David

It is summer in GA...

Of course, it is summer pretty much everywhere in the USA! I did, however, see reports of snow somewhere the other day. Unreal. Summer is always an interesting time for me. The "want" is to be lazy, while the "need" is to be productive. I wonder if I am the only one who has this issue? I am getting excited because the Georgia Country and Gospel Music Associaton Awards are coming up in another week. I am nominated in Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year (Male, 17 -20), and I also am having 2 songs judges for songwriter of the year. It is pretty exciting that the awards show is at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Ok... time to get off here and back to being productive... perhaps there is another song waiting for me to get it down on paper... . Be Blessed! - David

Happy Spring!

Spring came early this year here in Georgia, and I am not complaining one little bit! I love this time of year, even if my nose and throat do not. Thank the Good Lord for medication that keeps the blooming plants and trees from messing up the vocals too bad. The past few months have been an incredible time of working on new music, playing in some new venues, and several really exciting trips to Nashville. Just this past weekend I was honored to play a show with the incredible Linda Davis. What an amazingly talented lady - there is no doubt where her daughter, Hillary Scott, got her grace and vocals from! I do hope you all stay tuned to this page, as well as my facebook page (www.facebook.com/musicbydavidleon) as there is about to be some really exciting news busting out. I am not really sure how much I am allowed to talk about yet, so I am just saying this: Keep an eye to your TV's and an ear to your radios ;) Until next time, y'all be Blessed! - David

Happy New Year!

2012 is just a few days away - can you feel the excitement?! There are about to be so many changes. It will be a bumpy road, I know, but a road I have worked hard to get on. I cannot express enough how incredibly blessed I feel. Thank you, 2011, for being so good to me. HELLO 2012, and all you have lined-up!

Exciting Times!

There is so much happening, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Let me just say this, if not for the love and support of a lot of people there is no way I would be doing what I love on a daily basis. God has laid the path, and my family and some really great friends have just bulldozed down the barriers. I hope each and every one of you are feeling as Blessed as I am these days. We live in the greatest land in the world - The United States of America. We don't have to be afraid to profess our love of God or of Country, and we can sing our music the way we want to. Yep, I am feeling pretty darn Blessed. Until next time.... - David

It is *almost* Fall!

It is time for football, fall festivals, and hurricanes... ahhhhh.... maybe now the temps will cool down as well! I have been working on some new music. I am really, really excited about this stuff. Cannot wait to share it with you all. The songs talk about everything from the love of my new guitar to what I think is wrong with some "music" that is out there today - ha ha. There should be mp3's up on the site soon, so keep an eye - and an ear! - out for them soon. Take care, and be Blessed! - David

Summer!!!! (ok, almost)

The temps have been well over 90 each day here in GA, and I am really happy that high school graduation is in the not so distant past. Oh, and I have a new car! Well, ok, so it is new to ME! And it has AC. What more could a guy ask for? I have a ton of shows scheduled this summer, and will be updating the page over the next few days - stay tuned and keep checking back! Hope to see YOU at a show real soon! Be Blessed! - David

Let it SNOW?!

So, snow isn't something that we see a whole lot of in the ' burbs of Atlanta. However, we are currently on our second snow day of the year, and it is only January 11th. Don't get me wrong, I am not the biggest fan in the world of school, but it IS my Senior year, and I am looking forward to getting through this semester and graduating! I am working on a couple of new songs that I am pretty excited about. Hopefully they will be incorporated into the sets in the very near future. I promise they aren't anything like HATIN' - lol! That was probably a once in a lifetime kind of song... maybe ;) There are several shows on the horizon, and the biggest thing I am prepping for is NACMAI. I actually have one song up for Songwrite of the Year - HATIN' - and am up in New Country for Vocalist and Entertaner of the Year. I am pretty much set with one song in each category, but need one more for each. I need to hurry up as there are only 8 more weeks until we head up to TN for NACMAI week! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm... Be Blessed! - David