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Kidd Blast / Blog

Now this IS workin!

Anyone with half a brain can understand the motivational properties that freedom and acceptance can have on a creative personality. Here it is, damn near a year after I left a stiffeling envirnoment, and now with Invoking Scarlett there are so many projects in the fire I don't see how we can complete them all! But then that is just the point! The freedom, inner support and understanding from ALL members of the band, with no backroom politics, has unleashed what others had tried to suppress. Jealousy could have been the issue and really makes sense if you consider that one deminsional talents of others conjuring feelings of inadequacy when involved with an individual of multiple, multi faceted talents. The phsycological stress to suppress ideas, lyric content, marketing focus, building brand recognition, stage & set creation, must have been overwhelming to their self esteem when all they could accomplish was the mastery of one instrument. So sad when brought into context. So glad that is over and that we have new and exciting vision, material, & concepts for Invoking Scarlett, that could last a lifetime! We are well aware that the same gendre of negative conjecture is still wafting from our pasts and we can only respond thusly; If the number of bars you have played is the best testament to the quality of your work, and the only comparison that you can leverage, then we say good luck to you in your quest. Our vision is the quality of our work and not in the quantity of bars we've worked. We do not invision clubs as another chance to perform, but rather they are selected out of the positive benifit for Invoking Scarlett. If we see no promotional positives in future dynamic leverage for this band, then we see no reason to deviate from our overall goal and ultimate vision. Sorry not to play by the rules of the century passed but we are too damn busy planning the future of Invoking Scarlett than to waste precious time addressing your failures. Here's to 2012 and here's to Invoking Scarlett!

What the heck!

How can one distance ones self from the past when every time you pull up your stats...there is the past looking back? Maybe I should be a little more humble and gracious knowing that they have such a keen interest in what I'm up to. I do wish them success in their endeavors, & I do wish them well. I just wish they could also let it go... What they do is unfortunately not what I'm into. I realized that regurgitating the past is not the path to the future. Yes my new band is doing covers also, which is, in fact, regurgitating the past. We have taken great lengths to select works that were in the top of every ones lists from across the past few decades, culling out anything that has been a standard bar tune for most other bands, so as to keep secure our uniqueness. One day soon that will cease, as the material we are developing is new... In style, sound, delivery, and content. We are often asked why it is taking so long? Well the answer lies n the past... No longer do I have to bow to the misguided exuberance of other band members that want to rush the product to release, just to get it out there. Mistakes and all, with lack of proper oversight and thought about the production, flow, or mastering process. What we do is now and unequivocally a mutual respect for each other, our uniqueness, and our product. We will take however much time we need to let each work develop and polish before we present it! Professionalism as it should be in today's ever changing world of digital music! Thanx to all the fans & listeners that have taken the time to listen... I do appreciate each & every one of you!

Just some Random thoughts!

(Some of my personal quips!) "Time to distance... The past has been passed.. The future awaits... And I'm standing at it's gates!" "If a great musician lived and died before anyone heard or experienced his work... Was he a great musician?" "The Three "M's" of Great Music! 1) Great Musicians 2)Great Material 3)Great Marketing" "Thoughts and Prayers to those affected by the tornados in Alabama."

Band Day #2

Tomorrow is the day I get to spend at the studio in Oklahoma city with my band mates in INVOKING SCARLETT! We are set to rehearse & start recording on two collaborative works. "I'm In Love" & "Fate Lies"! I'm so stoked about the possibilities of these two songs and the talent that will bring them to life! James Kelly is such an over the top guitarist I feel a little overwhelmed by his ability & diversity. Yet he is such the humble soul you sould never think this man could slay the world with his playing. And then there is Andre, who freely admits being an early Phil Collins admirer.(He states to the time BEFORE Phil moved out from behind his drumset!) What a rythym machine Andre is... I feel overwhelmed at times with these two talents...And yet they tell me they feel the same about me! Go figure! No wonder this Trio has the makings of something great!

Truth in Artistry!

There is such a thing and I can only wish that more "self appointed" artists were intelligent enough to "get it". But after all the years spent in this industry and studying it religiously, and after all the wanna be's I've had contact with throughout the years, I know that will never happen. You know the type as soon as they open their mouths..."Yeah..I've done that"... "I've written hundreds of songs"... "My band was seriously looked at by *enter the name of ANY record company*. You know it and can feel the warmth of the crap! How come they have no pictures of that time of their life? How come they can't produce any viable piece of evidence to support their claims? What I'm getting at is there is TRUTH, which makes you a better artist and believeable to your fans. All the rest is just lies and cheap talk!!

Man oh Man!

Being a bassist, I find it hard to play to a click track. I prefer creating with a live drummer. After meeting & rehearsing with my new drummer, Andre, I had not realized how big of a difference a seasoned drummer makes! His timing is spot on and whenever asked to do fills or solo's he never sounds like he's doing a high school marching band half time tom tom drum solo! He is syncopated and can play in such a way that the groove and dynamics of the song are incorporated into his solo. When he transitions back into the song it is seamless. I wish I had worked with this level of talent before...but that was then and this is now! I'm more than overjoyed that I have this opportunity to actually play at this level instead of settling for less! I cannot wait to start reworking BKB songs into the great songs they should have been. With James and Andre it is a guarantee! It does make me wonder if my old bandmates would consider my remakes of those songs I helped to craft as "Cover" songs?

The Start Is Finished!

Well folks.... The beginning has now ended! All cylinders fired up... Chemistry was rampant! So cool that the preliminary meeting "just to see how things would go", turned into an all day event! What a solid foundation was laid during this process. I wounder if this was how Pat Travers felt when he met Mars Cowling... or if this is how they felt when they met Tommy Aldridge? It was pretty awsome to say the least. More was accomplished in this informal session than most bands can acheive in a month of 8 hour saturdays! NUFF SAID! Now it's time to let the artistic, creative, construction process move ahead, and let the music do the talking for us!


Tomorow will be the day I finally get to meet my new bandmates that have already committed to INVOKING SCARLETT! Guitarist / Vocalist / Songsmith - James "Machine Gun" Kelly, AND Drummer / Vocalist / Bouncer - Andre'! We have already exchanged many song ideas and emails...THANK GOD for the internet and emails!! The chemistry has already started a fusion which heightens my anticipation, excitement levels, and pushes my anxiousness to extremes. I was up until early morning thirty polishing my Bass (Vintage 1970 Fender P-Bass), checking my speaker cabs (thank goodness I did too!) just to find out I had a rattle at a volume level lower than I usually play. So off came the back of that cab to discover that I needed to replace 4 mount lag screws on one of my 500watt 8" speakers! All cords rolled up nicely...Mikes stored away...Portable DAW with headphones..Tool box... (Where's the freakin DUCT TAPE??? Oh...here it is!!!) Pedal Board with cables...Guitar (customized flyin V!!) Mike stands... JEEZE!!! I'm gonna hafta hire somebody to do this one of these daze! In other words...Everything is ready to pack into the vehicle and drive @ 100 miles to start the physical melding of talents into hopefully a force of musical nature! We all bring to the table, years of experience in playing, crafting, & touring... This is gonna be LOUD!! and fun....of course!!

This is great!

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go..." - Dr. Seuss

A New Era!

Funny how life evolves, changes, moves this way and that, isn't it! I honestly believe what my new partners bring to the table, combined with my efforts, has all the markings to be really special. We've decided on a name for this project..."INVOKING SCARLETT", and we're really pleased with the initial positives we've received so far. The seasoned sound of this combination of talents is beyond belief! Let's just hope there is enough glue and planetary attraction to solidify this dynamic marriage! A unique and interesting detail is that we live and work a hundred miles apart. In that respect I am ever thankful for the internet and digital media streaming over it at a billion pieces a millisecond! In the past it would have made what we are about to do an impossibility which would have led each of us to "settle" for the talent pool at our disposal locally. Now the world is our playground, and talent that is better suited stylewise and personality-wise becomes accessable, useable, and allowable! I have grown through the erea's of 78's to 45's to LP's, 8-tracks, to cassettes, to digital compact disks! Now all is damn near obsolete and antiquated! All is enhanced digital media that already is offered on thumbdrives and micro memory cards! As Artists, we are now the masters of our own destiny, with only our determination or lack thereof to propel us to any level of success we can imagine or into obscurity. In this respect we have control and how far we can go is up to us!