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1st updates on Jaz Hunter's New solo album!!

Hey guys Jaz Hunter here. Thank you for being patient but it's time to put all fans and friends in the picture. I've been working very hard for the past 8 months with the band Septimus Prime. For unknown reasons the project has just come to a sudden stop. Whilst waiting on the outcome of this project I have decided to start writing for my new solo album, "Theories of Existence". The music in this album is practically a catalogue of my music old and new. Stories and themes spanning from basic human emotions all the way to Greek mythology and the creation of man. (Hint hint)... and if that's not enough we have time travel, journeys through space and wild theories of the universe. I really can't wait to share this album with you guys so watch this space :)

Not to give too much away... well maybe a little. The album has 10 tracks. All named I might add. Plus you will also be able to get a bonus disc with 5 of my old school songs on it with an exclusive documentary into the creation of the album plus sneak peaks into the equipment I use. And I might throw in the first official video to my new single :) gotta keep the fans happy :) Anyway guys thanks for reading if you got this far down. You are the reason I persist with my efforts to give you the best music I can. All the best for now and again watch this space for updates, new music and videos

Jaz Hunter

Jaz Hunter's Story behind, "Sky Racers"

Ok. . . Imagine a massive arena in the clouds. Used as the starting point and the finishing line to the planetary race. The racers use their own racing pods with their own defenses against bad weathers like plasma storms, heavy rain falls or lava bombs which will depend on the planet's environment? The laps are once around the planet. This is the twister in the story though! The race course is the open skies and what defines the track are the clouds. Because the clouds are forever moving, so are the tracks. Class the clouds as the bumpers which make the track clearly defined. If for whatever reason there are blocks of clouds that cut off the course before completion then you have to improvise with what your Sky Racers can do?! Boosters, grapples or force fields etc. A big booming voice narrating the progression of the race to the millions of fans who have traveled from all over the universe to witness this event. At the beginning of the track you can hear the crowd cheering and the Orchestral music to symbolize that the race is about to start! On time index, (0:46) You can hear the lights ticking off and when the higher beep comes in thats their green light to Race for their lives. TIME INDEXES!! At time Index, (1:16) we start to follow the one racer who is the underdog in the competition. His parents both died in a shuttle crash on their way to see him finish his training for the SkyCore to become an official Sky Racer. After months of pain and suffering towards the death of his parents, He races for the first time in a official capacity so you can imagine, He is out to WIN to make his parents very proud!! At time Index, (1:42) At this point the racers are well on their way with the technical procedure of racing and our young racer has just hit a section where there are no clouds at all so the harmonies of the guitar represents amazing scenery that has temporarily opened up in the Sky!

At time Index, (2:16) This section of the music represents our racer thinking of his parents and trying to stay focused!

At time Index, (2:39) At this point within the music our racer has just managed to breach the outer atmosphere of the planet with his boosters and is now gentle bouncing on the upper outer atmosphere. Taking in the spectacular view of the stars and close by nebula's, he also wished his parents could be with him to witness the amazing sights!

At time Index, (3:13) This is where he can see where the cloud blocks have ended and the track is clearly defined and ready for him to Rocket through the atmosphere to return to the race track. He also starts to burn up in the atmosphere and speeds up to critical velocity.

At time Index, (3:40) The Hull of his Sky Racer starts to buckle and tiny fragments start to peel of as he rapidly closes in on 1st position!

At time Index, (3:58) As our Racer slams into position right next to 1st position they speed to through the last section of the race neck and neck until. . .

At time Index, (4:06) Our Racer JUST crosses the line ahead of the other racer. The rest of the song is to celebrate his 1st ever race and WIN and the fact that he dedicated this win to his parents!

If you have reached this section of the story thank you so much for taking the time to read through my crazy imagination!! All the best to you and take care, Jaz Hunter

Jaz Hunter's Story behind, "???" NEW TRACK!!!

Hey guys, hope you are all well and good? This is just a quick studio update for you! Had a great time as always. Creating some explosive riffs and working on old riffs etc. I can't tell you what song I'm working on but i can fill you in on the storyline behind it all. "The big bang theory has been torn to shreds with the new knowledge that aliens constructed our planet and therefore created the human race. We were created to become a plantary army for a future war between good and evil. Because they haven't checked on their creation we have developed into an independent race. When they learn of this they come to earth and se us as a major threat to their opporations so they TRY to iradicate the entire human race." That should give you all something to think about lol. Hope you all enjoyed this blog. Take care everyone and hope to hear from you all soon. All the best for now, Jaz Hunter

Jaz Hunter's Story Behind, "Wisdom Of Harmony"

Hey guys, I thought I would give you my storyline behind, "Wisdom Of Harmony"

"Many alien species go in search of the legendary Wisdom Of Harmony. None of them know what it is exactly but who ever does find it will see and feel it's RAW power and Wisdom rush through them! After a crazy race to find this amazing power, one dedicated warrior finds an abandoned planet in a Nebula and discovers and explores it's intense Harmony in Wisdom!! Only the right candidate with the right attitude, heart and spirit will be summoned and guided to it's location to experience it's awesome power!"

Jaz Hunter

Jaz Hunter's Story Behind, "Time And Time Again"

Right just a quick update on Jaz Hunter's progress on his debut Album, "Humanity & Beyond"!

Hey guys, I have a new song coming out New Year's Eve at Midnight. Hope you can all be there for the 2nd brand new song opening?

"This song is all about how good and bad traits of our instincts can be part of any type of life or species anywhere in the the universe. For this particular song, the bad traits are bullies. BUT, this song is about a bully that meets a bully and how they evolve from this into the good traits which are being in their victim's shoes for the first time and realising that what they are both doing is actually not so fun after all so they change their ways for the better!"

All the best on the build up to new years!!

Jaz Hunter

Jaz Hunter's Story Behind, "Planet FunkyTown"

Hey friends, This is my first blog so bare with me. lol.

Right. . . where to start??

I've completed the rhythm section to a song I've been trying to write for a while now. I can't give you any name's yet but all I can give you the story that goes with the song!

"It takes place on a planet far away from our own and the planet's terrain consists 100% night life. It is one big gambling establishment (Las Vegas style) accept on a planetary scale. A place where all types of life commune together. There is no day light on this planet, however all the electricity is catered for by the planet's core and the song follows one man's dream to win big so he can change his life and to do good in the world"

Hope you guys look forward to this one? I know I am!!

I've also started working on two more songs.

The 1st has an amazing intro. Very atmospheric! Especially for the title which again I can't disclose for now but I'm hoping this is gunna be a great song for all of you?? We shall see!

The 2nd song I've completed the rhythm to and I've decided to call it Yesterday's Song FOR NOW!! Has some beautiful harmonies near the end.

I hope this has been an interesting read for those who read this?? Hope to keep you updated on a weekly basis,

Cheers for now, All the best,

Jaz Hunter