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Macky vs. the Funk Foot!

And so it came to pass, Macky Barnett was banging the drums in his sanctum sanctorum in preparation for today's gig at the Woodshed when he found himself smackin' out a righteous groove like the bastard albino son of Rick James and James Brown! But upon finishing his groove thang' he noticed a dull ache, which became a pulsating annoyance and then turned into a mind shattering pain.

Macky rocked out so hard, he broke his kick-drum toe!

Now, the Molotov Dog do not advocate any sort of musical masochism, but you gotta admit that Macky's got some funky bragging rights now.

~Rev. Hall

Spreading the love at the Love Shack in Denton,TX

Oh behalf of the band, I'm giving major props to James Dunning.Never in my life did I think that anyone could to a country version of Little Red Corvette and make it sound good! My hat is off to him.

Later in the night on Billy Badass Blues, Blake Brownlee either caught dengue fever or was touched be Jesus, Buddha & the wizard of Oz. It was one of the solos where everybody in the crowd was looking at him like"'Where did this guy come from?" but he kept at it for a few more minutes until all the guys in the band were looking at him like "where the hell did ya get that kind of Mojo & why have you been holding out on us?"

A good time was had by all, even the guys from Deadwood Diamond (which one of you swiped my free beer!)

Over all, it was a very auspicious start to Autumn and our recording season.

Rockin' out @ Topper's in Watauga w/ Pistol Packin' Mama

After a brief hiatus due to our lead singer going on a pilgrimage to the sunny state of Florida to find free lunch, final wisdom & total consciousness, Molotov Dogs got their collective shit together and started shakin' the rust out, breakin' in a new drummer and coming up with groovy tunes for your own personal love makin' soundtrack! What better way to rock the funk out than jumping on stage and playing some ass kickin' music with another band that kicks a lot o' ass? That's right, sweetness! Pistol Packin' Mama and Molotov Dogs are gettin' together and we're gonna do it in your ear hole, and you will thank us for it!

~Rev. Hall