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It could be a simple thing; use your mind to paint the perfect scene. Green trees, flowers bloom last spring, no worries now your feeling Irie. Come together now and you will see how to live a good life carefree. A hot Sun, but a nice cool breeze and fresh Kush smoke straight from the tree. Oh Jah


Undersea is the Imperial Valley, California. It's a collective of Artist, Musicians, Producers, Rappers, Singers and Dancers. Together we Create. Undersea is our Lifestyle. Live it.

First Day of Summer!

It's officially summer today and i realized i've been slacking on my blog. My bad... I'll catch up with you and let you know whats going on with me. As you know I've been in Ocean Beach for the last few weeks and it's been great. I've been writing and practicing guitar for my new project that will be released toward the end of the year. I'm not rushing this project. I really want to have a lot of life go into it so I'm allowing events in my life to write the songs as they come. It's been the process that has always worked for me so I'm sticking to it. Whenever I force myself to write, I'm never satisfied with the results. Quality over quantity and quality takes time. This feels like the start to an amazing summer, I wish you the freedom to enjoy it completely. One Love Fam.

Love life and don't hate

Live to the fullest, it's your fate.

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

What up Everyone! The Weekend is here and the weather is looking nice. I'll be celebrating Memorial Day at Fort Rosecrans for the annual service they have honoring our Military. It's always a good time and it gets packed, so get there early if your gonna go. One Love.

My New Home

For the last two weeks i've been living in Ocean Beach , CA and I Gotta say that I love it here! Everyday I wake up and go for a run on sunset cliffs and breathe the cool ocean air and clear my mind of everything except the scenery. I've been able to begin the writing process for my next project. I plan to record a complete album that shares more of my history and personality so that I can connect on a more personal level. Connecting with people and having others relate to me through my lyrics is what I've always aimed to do. I was speaking with my friend, Zack, this last weekend while we where at the OB Beach Ball and he gave me the advice to start a blog and I'm going to follow that advice by blogging right here on ReverbNation. Living in El Centro the past two years defiantly gave me a greater new found appreciation for San Diego that I had lost thru time. It feels good to be back and I'll be writing more about my new works in progress and life here in OB. One Love!

Take me to the Ocean

EC to OB

One Love

Thank you so much for all the support! Keep spreading the word and bring me to your city! Yeah Now!

Download the Music

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Jah's Child

This is a classic... One Love