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Rise From the ashes.

Its been a hard year for us. Losing two members due to a conflict with an ex member. Who was not a team player, so we had to let him. He decided to come again into the band to brake it up. Robert left to join kylers project. Mikey decided to start his solo project. What came out of it is we found two new loyal members trent and spencer. We have worked on 3 new Albums from the new members coming. We will release them very soon this year. Memories Never Die is back again, Working hard and going hard. Thank you all of are fans for staying with this all these years. Band just celebrated our 7th year anniversary as a band. Thank you all. Memories Never Die

Memories Never Dies EP released 2011

We are so excited to have our EP done and released we also want to thank Chris at 7th Street Studios he did a great job and we will continue with him on our album Memories of the fallen in 2012 which will consist of a 12 track including the EP songs with slight changes. We also want to thank our fans and to let them know we are just getting started and will continue on.Our Next show is going to be June 4th 2011 this year at The Dow James Building 350 West 400 North in Tooele. The Event is called Initial Outbreak that will feature Virus 49 and Twisted Axis and us this show is a charity event to help fight hunger and to help the people in japan 3 cans of food or more is admission. We wanted to do this to give back and help in anyway possible and join forces with the Utah food bank and make a difference thanks to Erick for planning it.We are happy to gain new fans as well as old and the people who have been supporting us since we started in 2006 we will keep going and giving our all that we got and spread Memories Never Die everywhere we can. We also are still on Myspace you can find us at Myspace/Memoriesneverdierules and also reverbnation.com/Memories Never Die and Facebook/Memories Never Die or just type in Memories Never Die and find us that way.Keep up the likes we want to reach our goal of 100 likes and we need your help to reach it so spread us around to your friends and see you all June 4th also you can add Jason Stewart Mike Crane Jesse Brewer Lead singer,Guitar/drums,Bassist of MND on facebook to keep an update they are great guys so get to know them, THANK YOU ALL Band- Memories Never Die