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March 9, 2012

It's a new year! Couple of months late, but oh well. If anyone is reading this, it's means everything to me. You have all been so supportive of me. 9 instrumentals are done and the dubstep is in progress. Not gonna lie, it's tough. On a better note, I've began writing lyrics for these songs and the first song to be released will be titled "To the Stars and Back". I've got the chorus recorded for that song and it's close to finished. Thanks for following me and all of the love and support. 3 - Hearts Shout Love

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

Sorry, it's belated, I'm not very good at keeping this updated, but I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! :) THE WORLD INSIDE MY HEAD

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about "The World Inside My Head". I know you are all wanting new music and I'm doing my best to try and get it out there. It's been trial and error trying to get the right sound for each song. I definently want it to be something you can dance (and fist pump) to, but at the same time headbang and mosh to. It's going to be something different. :) Think Deadmau5 + Daft Punk + A Day to Remember. Big thanks for being patient. - D!zzy =) http://twitter.com/Dizzy_HSL_20 http://www.zazzle.com/heartsshoutlove

Life is Busy

All aspects of my life are booked. Literally no time for anything. College, school, work, and writing music. That's my life on repeat. Working for you all you guys though, 2 instrumentals are finished, just have to lay down vocals and they'll be ready. I plan to release all of the songs at one time instead of different times. Thanks for being patient! - D!zzy =)

Attack of the Hardcore Unicorns

It's July 23, 2011. I've got 9 songs written and a few here and there with instruments put together. It's coming along slowly, but surely. Stay patient. I'm also almost finished with putting together an update video, so stay tuned for that also! :)

The World Inside My Head

You ever had one person just give you a warm tingling feeling in your heart or butterflies in your stomach? Have you ever had a moment where you took a deep breathe and all of your problems just disappeared for that moment? Have you ever looked at a sunset and think to yourself that someone else at the exact same moment is looking at it from a different location? Have you ever dreamed of a world without pain, suffering, lies, or hate? That's exactly what I'm trying to put into this album. For the few amazing dedicated friends that are still insterested in my music and follow me. Thank you, I can't begin to explain how much that has made an impact on my life and gives me the hope and belief that I'm doing something right. I'm not going to promise the best album ever, but I will promise you that it will be one of the best albums I'll ever make and making music takes a lot of time. I will get this album out. I don't know when, but hopefully in the next few months. Be on the lookout for my first update video really soon along with Q&A's. Send some in if you'd like. :) "Breathe in, breathe out, you're free, no problems to bring you down." - D!zzy =) Hearts Shout Love (Since December 2009) June 29, 2011


May 4, 2011 It's now May and I'm trying to put together songs still. I definently don't want to be just another band or another one hit wonder. I want to write music that makes an impact on the world. I want it to give people that feeling that empowers them to do anything they want to. I want people to start believing in themselves, setting goals, and achieving them. That's what I want to write music for. :) It's 3:01 A.M. on Wednesday May 4, 2011. Good morning. - D!zzy =) http://twitter.com/Dizzy_HSL_20 http://www.reverbnation.com/heartsshoutlove


I just want to say thank you for all of the birthday wishes. :) "Amazing" isn't even a good enough word to explain my day right now. I couldn't ask for better friends and family. :) I love all of you and you mean the world to me. :) Thank you! :D - D!zzy =)

New Album in the Works.

4/5/11 Well it's already April 2011. This year's going by fast. I'm going to get straight to the point: Right now I'm working on my third album. No title yet. 5 or 6 song lyrics and two instrumentals. I do plan on a more dance themed and more guitar. Get ready. :) Tomorrow's my birthday too. lol Much love, D!zzy =)

Spring Break!

Wowzas! It's already spring break! Hope you all have a fun and safe spring break! :) Spread hope and love like wildfire 3 - D!zzy =)