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Fan Comments on new disc! Still not released!

Rich: I decided to look thru a bunch of my stuff and I found your CD Off the Hook!!! We are presently cranking it out in the surgeon's lounge. The secretary borrowed your other CD's and promised to bring them back tomorrow. With the material you've got, I'm expecting a smoking debut album. Now it is only a matter of getting your material in the hands of the right people. I will see if I can help the process along. Dr Dave rich, Just heard your cd and it rocks really like the guitar work and the vocals kick ass cant wait to hear it on the radio good luck. Tim Halstead Rich, I heard your cd and it is very good .Your band has what it takes to make it big. It has outstanding acoustic and vocals. I can't wait to hear more I hope you band makes it big. Rick Bento

Who Are You!

THE CAST OF CHARACTERS: Jay Staples;co writer, lead vocals; Jay has one of the most unique voices, look and onstage presence seen in the New England area. His unbelievable vocal stylings and incredible talent has made "WE ARE I" the fastest growing local name in the area. Though Jay may look like a madman on stage, he is one of the most laid back easy going guys to get to know off stage! Rich Chamberland;co writer, lead guitar, backup vocals; Rich is by far the most talented guitar player in the local scene and thensome. His riffs are melodic and will bring you places you haven't been before. He's a powerful player and can bring it when it needs to be brought! Rich is just a rediculously incredible musician and an all around nice guy that will make you laugh! Ralph Arsenault; drummer, backup vocals; Ralph has been playing drums now for 18 years and it shows! When you listen to him you won't believe that one person can posess so much talent! Ralph's grooves are anything but a white boy meaning the guy plays with so much soul in it! Off stage he is the biggest comedian you could possibly get to know, you can try to resist but you will be in tears and in aww when you leave this guys presence! Keenan Wakem; bass player, backup vocals; Keenan can talk the talk and walk the walk! This bass player can bring it home and make the ground shake beneath you. His onstage presence makes him not only awesome to watch but makes you want to get up and move! You can't help but jump around like him! He's a genuine great guy that oozes personality and skill!


Category: Music A state of mind . . . . a feeling a understanding. Be part of a band comprised of distinct individuals brought together at a time and place driven to reach a destination. Everyone on this planet is an individual summed up in a simple statement .... a declaration of being.....i Where have you been... and what took you so long.. Glad your here Peace i