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We are pushing on through the Summer with great shows and new guitar player..Conner . We are playing our local shows and back to Savannah Ga and Orlando. Very excited about all the awesome bands we are playing with and meeting new friends. You all rock !

Featured Artist

We were chosen as Featured Artist and we thank RN and all of you !! You all rock !!

Featured Artist

We have been busy doing shows and don't quite know what is going on here on RN but we will always support our friends and we can do this together , love you Shelby !!! We have great friends on here that we will always love.

Reputation Radio

WE WILL BE ON THIS RADIO STATION... http://www.reputationmedia.net/ 9pm UK time, check your clocks, it will be 4 pm in Florida US Check your world clock if not in these areas reputationmedia.net www.reputationmedia.net


So many hurting people all around the World from the earthquake and tsunami, may our songs and our love go out to them.

Freebird show

We are playing at Freebird Live tonight with The Gallary . Wish you all could be here but we will be playing as if you were standing right in front of us.

UNF College Radio

Have an interview with UNF college radio station today and getting ready for our show on March 3rd at Freebird Live. It's going to be a kickass show !!!


Got a lot of good shows coming up and we love seeing all of our friends out there and making new friends . We are playing with some awesome bands so yeah....it's all good !

Fun Video

We just posted a video we made at a photoshoot, it's our band having fun together, it is not our music. This just shows a bit more of us when we are off stage. Enjoy !!!


This has been a busy and rocking week, got news coverage and press and a kick ass photoshoot done all in one week . We are working on some different songs to add to our set so if you came and saw us at one of the many places we have already played, get ready to come out again !!!!!