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break-up jan 29 2011

so me and my girl jus broke up after being together since april 2009..we made it to january 29th 2001 well she broke up wit me a week befor that but today was the day ( jan 29 ) that things really came to a conclusion. I feel very much sad nd numb like wtf was this hard work for? i feel sum what cheated bcuz there aimt no reason for this bullshit over sumthing so petty. of course thers a long history between me nd her that brought us up to this breaking point..im really fed up and so is she but sumthing about her i cant let go completley, but shes forcing me to by pushing me away purposly..so being the nigga i am imma fall back easy. It fuckin sucks but hey if she wanna leave u gotta let her breath.