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The Gamut at the Riverside Bar & Grill - Sat, May 30th

We're back! Full Gamut at the Riverside Bar & Grill on Sat, May 30th 2015. Junk will be rocked...... ;)

Full Gamut at Legends Pueblo - Sat, June 7th

**Next Gig** - Sat, June 7th 2014 - No monkeys will be harmed in the production of this show.

May 26th @Legends Pueblo - GIG***

I was just informed that clothes are optional but, please don't scare the regulars!!!

Legends Pueblo

Friday 3/9/12

March 9th, 2012 - The Wiener is Back!!!

Abbey the Wiener will be assisting us in our marketing for the March 9th gig at Legends. She's kind of a celebrity ya know? :)

Hello and Welcome!!!

We're not much for blogging but, eh? .... it's worth a try! Working on some originals and new cover tunes to stay fresh to those who have seen us out. Hope to have a covertune recorded and put on the site in the next week or so.

Full Gamut
Full Gamut  (over 5 years ago)

Next gig - March 9th peoples!!! The wiener is back! :)