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I couldn't sleep

I couldn't sleep. It was only 2:22am it felt like I had already slept the entire night. It seemed like the 6:45 alarm was about to ring but I was wide awake, full of energy. I couldn't sleep so I pulled out my IPhone and began a scrabble battle with some random unsuspecting nite owl looking for an opponent at this early hour to challenge his vocabulary skills. I couldn't sleep so I checked emails, listenend to voice mail messages, cleaned up my facebook timelines and returned messages from old chats. I couldn't sleep so I prayed and asked the Lord why was I awake? who needed my prayers? was it my mom who was in the middle of a heated legal battle, my husband and son who were up all night packing preparing for our move, my coworker who had confided in me that her home was in foreclosure? I prayed and fought my mind from wandering off to the endless to do lists to face the next day's busyness with detailed organization. I said asked the Lord to forgive me of my sins and to please allow my prayers to contribute to the watch night hour war that his angels were raging against the forces of darkness and Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z ....


I have gotten a number of requests for lyrics to the songs on the playlist. In this world of mp3 players and instant digital downloads, we rarely take the time to sit and read CD covers to enjoy the pictures and follow the lyrics anymore.

So below are the lyrics to Meant to Be. I will add a new song each week or so. Hope you are inspired!

Meant to Be Written by Angela M. Poole

There was a time when I believed in fairy tales and somehow I still believe that dreams come true But everytime I try to grab a hold of the dream inside of me It's just beyond my reach

So I traveled on the long road, far away from my home for a chance to see what I believe I can hear it calling me And I've waited in the long lines, laid awake all night for the chance to reach my destiny It's standing right in front of me This was meant to be

I've looked beyond my circumstances There's no time to expect second chances I paid the price, I sacrificed

I weathered through tough situations and I came through it all with more patience and now I'm here, I'm standing here today

'Cause I've traveled on the long road, far away from my home for a chance to see what I believe I can hear it calling, can you hear it calling? And I've waited in the long lines, laid awake all night for the chance to reach my destiny It's standing right in front of me This was meant to be

I knew this day would come This was meant to be....

A New Year's Wedding

Today I attended the wedding of a dear friend. I love weddings. I love hearing the marriage vows. They remind me of the vows that my husband and I made 15 years ago. I am humbled to have been invited to be a part of the "cloud of witnesses". I feel I now have a responsibility to pray for my friend and his beautiful wife, to make myself available to assist, babysit, be a friend, a listening ear, whatever, when needed to help their mariage be a success. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. What a way to start a new year and new journey. Congratulations and best wishes to Spencer and Janeia!

Bruh Luuh (Artist / Producer)
Bruh Luuh (Artist / Producer)  (almost 7 years ago)

Awesome. Such a *mature* blog entry. Blessings!

Christmas Time

OK. It's getting closer and I promise myself every year that I will focus on Jesus' birth and not get caught up in the shopping trap. So far I have been able to stick to my plan. I have made plans to spend the holidays with family in prayer and fellowship and have picked out some really good movies to reinforce the meaning of the holiday. But I also did find myself standing in line at Target at 3am on Black Friday. I only bought two items that I needed anyway and was able to get a really good deal. So I am not saying that you shouldn't shop during the Christmas season or that the only way to celebrate is to build a nativity scene on your front lawn. I would just encourage you to keep a balance as you remember that Christmas is about Jesus Christ. Don't forget to get your exclusive free download of Born to Die from the store to help you celebrate the season. It's my gift to thank you for your support. It is so much better to give than to receive. Merry Christmas!

Worship Unrestrained

This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a conference in Atlanta dedicated to simply experiencing the presence of God. I have attended a number of praise and worship conferences over the years and have gotten to place where I can't help but wonder "What more can another conference offer?" This conference was different. I learned new refreshing songs, learned ways to engage youth in worship, observed the full integration of various artforms in worship and discovered areas in need of fine tuning as we conduct worship services in our local congregation. It was well worth the trip. Kudos to Elder Rod Lumpkin for a job well done in coordinating this event.