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Emaximus Mashin With A Passion LP Coming to ITUNES 12-2012

What's the Biz Everyone? Its Ya Boy Emaximus on a mission for greatness. I want everybody to feel relaxed and keep your head noddin and shakin your azz to my tracks. My upcoming album "Mashin With A Passion" is will be on ITUNES and major Online stores 12-2012. My music is going to take you on a expedition from the streets of Oakland and Bay Area to the Emax state of mind. Also check out my articles interviews and videos and exclusive music on www.Emaximus.webs.com. Also if your feeling my tracks spread to music to your family and friends. Im 100% on the grind and committed to excellence to create great music for you. Feel free to leave me a message or comments. 100 Emaximus