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westcoast chronicles Vol.1

i dont know if many people read this or nott but if you do im just reminding you that westcoast chronicles vol.1 is gonna be available soon!!! KEEP POSTED

lyrical genius"thee legendary mcee"
lyrical genius"thee legendary mcee"  (over 6 years ago)

yooo! u can send me some of your stuff and i will give to my friends to listen, this side the movement is still hungry for more music, so send me and i will send u our music.


this year feels extra special YALL....turn of the century and me and my niggas are gonna do it BIG!! you know im always working hard on my music well imma go even harder, focus more on the music/money and less on what hating nigggas say...o and i just talked with my homie citto he got some big plans same with my homie QUIETSTORMMMM shouts to my nigga

writing x100000

everyday all day im always writing at home writing in the studio..writing at a buddys house..just writing cuz u can never reach your peak (well at least i dont think i can). there is always room for improvment weither ur just starting out or u been in the rap game for a number of years

time to grind

imma start bumping the classics and getting into a good rhythm and putting out that killer music that y'all know i can deliver

reverb nation

this website is really the complete tool for artists tryna expand there online empire or w.e u wanna call it. ive only been using this for like two weeks and already i cant stop HAHA connects all my accounts and lets me share my music with other ppl who share the same passion as me thats pretty dopeeeee i think ahah well imma head to bed now ill check with y'all reverb nationers tmr GOOODNIGHT

spread the love

everyone out there needs to stop hating..especially when it comes to this music shittt ye dig? u can dislike sumones style or lyrics or music but if they truly doing they thanggg u cant hate or knock they hustleee


yesterday i hit up the studio with my nigga quietstorm and core we bumped out like four solid tracks so that was killaaa..and today ive already smoked a blunt and written tracksss now im bout to smokeee another one CHYEAA

long day

been a long day didnt get too much writing done but after i seshh up imma start writing hopefully will have some solid shit written by tmr GOODNIGHT!!!!

home studio

today was a good day woke up smoked some kush met with some homies smoked some more kush..got some grub and we were off writing tracks! we came up with one solid track and we ran with it so im happy bout that PLUS my homie told me studio session on friday so i can wait for that its gonna be tighttttt WESTCOASTTpridee