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New CD is done and ready for public consumption.

Find all the information you need on our latest anger filled monsterwork here www.thethrown.bandcamp.com - All profits go to the daughter of the late great Justin Kalas. Taken much to soon from this world.

writing the new e.p.

we're almost done, just one bonus track and a cover song to do. the easy part is over, now we record and start bringing this concept album to a graceful finish. for the first time we will be fully prepared for the studio, what i mean by that is we wont be finishing songs while recording, we'll actually have a few weeks to practice before we stat tracking...im supper excited to have the collaborations we're going to have...at least 2 engineers and producers, multiple guest vocalist and what will seem like a movie soundtrack between scenes of our story...this album is based on the life and death of the bands dear friend who recently passed away. "Justin Kalas"...all money made from the e.p. will be donated to a trust fund for his 7 years old daughter adrianna. more news and studio updates as the e.p. unfolds.... -markus