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Hospice Care and Dying

Thanks for joining my mailing list. As some of you know, I am under the care of hospice and not performing anymore, however, my reverb page will remain updated and even after I am gone, my husband will take over. I have many songs that have not been placed on Reverb. We are trying to get all the CD's together in order to put them up. I want to personally thank each and every musician and fan for keeping my love of music alive! You've all been wonderful friends and for that, I will always be grateful. Good luck to everyone who are pursuing their dream...it's a long road, but never give up trying. Much love to you all and again, I'm happy that you enjoyed listening to my heart all these years. God Bless

- Marla Worley

Hi...New Music Video

You can go to Youtube.com and put my name into the search engine (Marla Worley)