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Fake Stuff

Its everywhere, clothes, dvds, cd's, toiletries, toys etc etc on and on. But lately ive noticed a horrible trend in "tribute" bands, like Owaysis, Kazabian, Bloor there are literelly thousands of this useless malingering leeches around now. What went wrong?, beats me, i guess there must be an equal measure of moronic souless audiences to watch the fakes. Tis such a big bad shame.


Whats Apppnin

Been ages since i blurbed loadsa crap on my blog, so i thought i would post a quick somthing. Basically, ive been hard at work on many projects lately. Expect a lot more new tracks and a crisper sound in the coming months as i have upgraded the software i use to make my music. Also keep an eye out for the 1st ever S.O.B track to feature vocals which i am currently working on. So yeah, loads happening and that.

Keep it foolish you crazy cats and get on it

Peace and that

Crap Music

Getting kinda pissed off with these shit musicians gaining from Reverbnations operating system. Just cuz they have 24hrs a day 7 days a week to post widgets and add freinds on Myspace they gain massively from this great site. And what do they offer in return?, the shitest bollocks ive ever heard, i wont name names but you only have to go onto the charts and listen to a few of the "top ranked" artists and you will soon understand. I hope Reverbnation clamps down on these people soon as to my mind they ruin the credibility of genuinely brilliant artists and make the whole sight look mickey mouse.

How cool

Are the Golden Silvers?, gotta check these cats out my freinds seriously.

Microsoft Song Thingy

Today they launched the sponsored songs with Microsoft, as yet only had 2 downloads but it's still a really cool idea.

Not Much Of A Blogger

Well as you can probably tell blogging isnt something i have done very much of, but anyways. Wanted to note that in the next couple of months, S.O.B will be available all over the place and in many different formats so keep an eye out for updated info.

Peace and That

New Image

This being the dawn of a new era for my music and image, i thought it would be of suit to write my first blog entry. I have created all new art work for both my logo and album covers (covers are on display in photos on this site). More importantly i have begun work on the "Scholar Of Babylon" website, this is still in the very early stages but keep a look out for updates on this. The site will have access to buy albums, E.P's, Singles, clothing, posters and much more.

Also i will be working on many other projects throughout the summer so keep a look out for those too, watch this space.

Peace and That