VOSV01 NEW ALBUM VOSV.01 - VOW OF SILENCE VOLUME .01 - INSTRUMENTALS - THE SOUNDTRACK OF LIFE - by: COGNITION This album, VOSV.01 - VOW OF SILENCE VOLUME .01 - INSTRUMENTALS - THE SOUNDTRACK OF LIFE has musical movements that correlate to the emotions we experience in life. Music has power even without words and can parallel life experiences or bring our minds back to certain experiences when we here music. Song Titles and song Concepts: 01 Counter Reality - no matter how difficult the reality of life may be, you hope and fight for a better reality the counter reality. 02 Mystic Dreams - spiritual day dreams of happiness when you loose yourself in a divine moment. 03 Thought Process - the process of how the brain ticks and functions in every day life 04 Digital Know-mad - the journey we take in this digital age that separates us from others. 05 Take Control - fighting for what is right and standing up for what you believe. 06 Walk In The Sky - the feeling you get when you have grown and realized the growth. 07 Run - the urge you get when things get hectic and you have to leave from a situation. 08 Love Potion - describing the mixture of emotions that come together when falling in love. 09 Want Me,Like I Want You - have the desire for mutual understanding in love. 10 Lost In Your Space - spending quality time with the one you love and getting lost in the comfort. 11 Close To The Edge - dealing with the struggles of life and trying not to loose your sanity. 12 The End Is Near - focusing on how life could be lost at any time so you should live every day like it is your last. 13 Life Adjustments - there are constant changes needed to navigate this thing we call life.