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Chris on NBC's "The Voice"

So I got a lot of messages from people saying they saw my face on "The Voice" last night. There were obviously a lot of people watching but for those of you who didn't, Chris from my old group Dream Street made it to the blind auditions. First off I'd like to congratulate Chris on making it that far. Thousands of people audition so just making it to the stage is a great accomplishment and experience to have. With that being said, I had a lot of mixed emotions after watching the show. It was great to see my good friend on national television but upsetting to hear his story. I relate to his emotions of struggling as an artist after experiencing a moderately successful music career and knowing the mind f*ck that comes with that. I've known Chris since we were in "The Broadway Kids" together at age 11. Most people don't know that we've been professionally involved in music since we were so young. We grew up in it. Having done so, our views of the world and ourselves were completely different than most. It's no longer a dream when you actually live it. It becomes your identity and a way of knowing yourself. Schools and friends constantly change while growing up but music was always there. Family and music have always been the 2 true constants in my life, which has shaped who I am. I'm very fortunate to have a close family that has kept me grounded through the years and I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without them. I've learned to really appreciate the value of family and I guess what I'm trying to put out there is not to take your family for granted. Coming from someone who may have experienced what most people only dream, it doesn't compare to the love, support and realness that comes from family. I've musically been through the ropes for years fighting disappointment, depression and reality. You never want to "give up" and I don't believe I ever will but life's too short to spend so long “trying” as a struggling artist. Music has always been a constant in my life because it's my passion. I don't want to need it I want to want it. My advice to all artists out there is to play your music and love every second of it without having all the expectations. The most successful people in life do what they love. It’s easy to lose passion for something when it becomes your necessary job. It’s not so glamorous having to go on tour in order to put food on the table. If your music gets you recognized then know it's a blessing and use it to make a difference. You'd be amazed at how simple it is to make someone's day as a "celebrity." Put your dreams and goals towards a family and allow the simple magic of music fulfill you. I've always been a very confident performer but letting go of my many expectations was the healthiest thing I've done as an artist. Much love, Greg

Leeann Boone
Leeann Boone  (almost 5 years ago)

Well said Greg!

Loss Love Liife / "That Day" Music Video Shoot

Sorry I don't blog much. I'll try to do better. The video shoot was amazing! The first day we rented a studio in New Jersey. The production company I worked with was extremely professional and it was such a pleasure working with them. We decorated the studio as living room with pictures everywhere. It goes with the theme of the video but I don't want to give too much away. We're going to premiere the video at the album release party at rebel on cinco de mayo. That's May 5th ;) Turns out this place Rebel is a new name for what use to be called the Down Time. That's the studio where Dream Street was born. I spent a full a summer there in a group called Boy Wonder. After a label show case our producers found three new guys and changed the name to Dream Street. In about a year we were out of that studio and on the road touring arena's. I'm excited to play this show at the Rebel because I feel like it brings closure to something that seems to never end. That "something" represents many things to me but of most importance would be my goals as an artist. Music has always been an outlet of mine but most recently it became a therapy. The entire process of creating this album was extremely empowering. I've received so many gifts along the way that have truly inspired me to return my love. The songs on this album come from a very personal and passionate place within me. Sharing them with you gives me great honor. We spent the second day of shooting around Manhattan. We spent some time in Union Square and some really incredible people came together in supporting the cause! I'm really excited to see the final product. I already know it's going to be perfect!

upcoming website

just saw pic's of what the web-site is going to look like.. I'm stoked! It's going to be a basic layout at first but I've got really cool idea's of what I want to do with it in the future. Going to be lots of work but basically I've started journaling my life going through the years and all the different bands I've had and scenario's I've been through. I have soo many "B-sides" meaning music that I recorded acoustically in my room and never released. I'm creating a time-line that will show all the different songs I wrote, who I wrote them with, and where I was in my life that inspired me to write them. Like I said it's a lot of work but when it's finished it's going to be awesome! I'm not just doing it for all of you but for obviously for myself as well. As time goes by I realize it's going to be impossible to remember all of these memories so having this time-line will be a great way to remember. It's also going to answer lots of questions that I'm asked all the time like what happened to Dream Street and why we broke up. Anyway keep in touch cuz there's sooo much on the way! Old music you've never heard, new music you've never heard, and all the meaty drama you've never known about.


setting up all these different on-line artist pages can be overwhelming. soon i'll have my web-site together so i'll feel a lot more organized. Going to be in the studio twice this week. Working at Frank's studio tomorow on some stuff we wrote together and a couple of my own tracks. Then saturday I'm going to a studio in Astoria where I'm producing a couple tracks for Ali Kramer. She's an upcoming artist with lots of potential. I co-wrote a track with her and I'm even singing on her second track, duet style. haha. gonna be fun. Excited to have Danny Miller there for the bass tracks, using a studio drummer, and getting my fingers on dirty guitars. . .