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This is an interesting article posted about selling music today. http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/permalink/2013/10/02/doesntcare

Facebook Changes

On June 12th, Facebook will make changes again to the newsfeed - be sure to go to our facebook page to help you adjust your new settings http://www.facebook.com/thewalkingtallband

Volume 2.0

Volume 2.0 is in the hopper and being prepped for release this fall. More great songs! Hope to be on playing these for y'all very soon! - www.facebook.com/thewalkingtallband

In the Studio

What a perfect day to be recording new demo's - the rain is so inspiring! I absolutely love to write with the sound of the rainfall! The NEW version of Pro Tools sounds amazing and clear! Looking forward to playing some of the new songs live!

Walking Tall - Volume 1 - Available in April on Itunes

Walking Tall long awaited release "Walking Tall - Volume 1" - will be available Online in April. The band will be announcing the dates to its summer tour in late April. Stay Tuned for the press announcements!