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Just when I got the rust knocked off and figured out how to make that Ol' Jazz bass THUMP again...THEY dont need me anymore! Oh well...NOW I can devote my FULL attention to the upcoming GreyBeard gig!


WOW! Looks like I've gotta knock the rust off real soon! Timmy and I started playing with a new group (Timmy-lead, Me - BASS!) and I just got confirmed to bring out "GreyBeard" (my band) to a private corporate event at the Marriot Waterside in Tampa on March 3rd! So I've got to learn this new groups stuff (on Bass!) and polish up my stuff with GreyBeard. PLUS I might have to go right back to Tampa March 5th for a Solo acoustic gig in the Presidential Suite! Going to be a BUSY next 2 months!

Michael Allen/GreyBeard
Michael Allen/GreyBeard  (almost 7 years ago)

Gonna have any time for your wife and kids?????????

Its been awhile....

Working on some Acoustic sets with my lead guitar player. Hoping to get back out REAL soon and knock some of the rust off!