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What you're dreamin' - re-adapted!

This is a tune I wrote back in 2001 as a Country Ballad. Awhile back, I came up with this Bluesy riff while playing my GreyBeard Customs '57 Strat, and decided to re-record "What you're dreamin" as a Blues Ballad also! I hope you enjoy listening to it, as much as I enjoyed "rejuvenating" this song! GOD Bless! -M. A.

New song!

Just got done recording "I'll fly away Medley"! I do this song when I lead Worship at my Church. Its one of my BEST received by the congregation. AND, I recently aquired an Upright Bass, so I just had to see how it sounded recorded! As usual, its all me on the instruments and vocals...SO I hope you enjoy this version of it! GOD Bless! -M. A.

Al's Tavern

Great show at Al's Tavern! Raised a fair sum of CASH for CureSearch.org and got to hang out with some really good people and players!

New voice, new direction

I had a Heart attack in Nov 2012 and a Trach(sp?) tube was inserted. My voice has been different since. I'm not complaining....I kinda like the additional "gravel". "By your side" is the first track I've recorded with the new voice. It could use a little tightening up, but it lends itself well to a cool Bluesy, Jazzy, Reggae/ska sound. I always sounded TOO country for these genres, but now might try giving em a shot.

A little insight..."Ridin' with the Angels"

Wow! I dont know why I held out putting this song out for everyone to hear! Maybe its because its still a little personal to me. Its been my "most engaging" song and most played song for the last 2weeks, and has gotten airtime from My790AM in Leesburg, FL. So....I thought I'd fill ya in some on the song. First off, to clarify...the "brother" I'm singing about is not a literal brother, as in same Mom and Dad...but one of my "Brothers" from the Brotherhood of Bikers. I wrote this song after a particularly deadly Bikeweek in Daytona that touched me personally. I believe 15 bikers died that year, including a husband/wife who lived behind me...leaving 3 young boys behind, and a couple my Wife and I had met the night before at The Cabbage Patch. We were supposed to hook up with em the next day and go riding. We tried calling em all day to no avail....it was later that night we found out they and a couple others riding with them got ran over at an intersection and died that day. I made the remark about how all these Biker brothers and sisters were Riding with the Angels now...and the song was born. I sometimes still "choke up" when I play this song and think about the carnage that happened in Daytona that year. And I still Thank GOD for not letting my phone calls get through that day. All you guys out there riding stay safe....and "Dont forget your Angels". -M.A.

"Little bigger piece of the pie"

I have a genuine respect for the "Blue collar" workers of our GREAT Nation...I am one! I wrote "Little bigger Piece..." one Friday afternoon after looking at my paycheck. I worked for a LARGE corporation at that time, that pocketed 3.5 times what I was pocketing for every hour I booked. They charged $100...I got $22.50...and every time I turned around, I had to smack their hands outta my pockets! The big deal this Friday was seeing they had raised my out of pocket contribution to my Health Ins so they could give the shareholders a bigger check... I was driving an old Chevy at the time and lived in a small 1200sf house that cost LESS than the High end European cars(MB) I was working on! Can you see why I was unhappy? So I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote that song on the trunk of a customers S500! I put the guitar part to it that night....and the rest is history. I DID get a chance to play it for everyone at the Christmas party that year...by request of one of my co-workers! The GM of that place has hasn't spoken to me since! LOL!!!

ANYWAY...I just wanted to give you a little insight to this song and to say THANKS for all the plays!!!


Good weekend!

Got to see my buddy Jeff Hurst @ Scruffy Duffers Sat night. He let me play a few...but wish I had brought my guitar so we could play some together! Anyway...some good tunes, good friends, cold beer and I was still able to make it to Church in time for Easter service! Anyone not familiar with Jeff, check him out in my friends/fans...he's one BADASS songwriter! He's in Nashville this coming week, but check out his schedule and find ya a show when he gets back! GOOD TIMES!

North Dakota Corn Growers gig...

Man we had a blast! the Marriott Waterside is a beautiful place! The Grand Salon and all the other Salons were booked all night, and quite a few of the people from the other parties came over and hung out on our side! The Marriott staff took great care of us. They fed us and kept the "green room" stocked all night. Big THANKS to Neal Phillips, Bill Posten, Jeff Sanders, Jimmy Pace and Quinn Shaw for coming out and playing with me! Big Thanks also to Kevin Enos for bringing the PA and running sound for us all night! Gonna retire "GreyBeard" until next time...but for now, I've got an opportunity to co-front "Six Gun Symphony" with Krystal Lambert...I may just take that job!

Rollin' right along...

Trying to get the Ol' pedal board set back up! I'm REAL picky about my tone! I play a Telecaster and HATE tone sucking pedals. I dont use a whole lot, a smidge of compression at the front, straight to the loop pedal (true bypass!)out to modded Blues driver and SD-1 (I like different flavors!)and finally Phase 90 and BBE Sonic stomp on the back end.


Havent heard from my Lead guitar player in almost a week. He's gone MIA...if you see him, tell him to Holler at me!