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From the Bassist's Corner part 3: It's Subjective

Have you ever been asked if your band is good? How do you answer that? You could just sport the full ego and say, "We're the new hotness, so you should be seeing us play," or some crap like that. Or, you could take a more humble approach, which, honestly, shows people you're not a complete douche bag. Me? I took the philosophical approach. A while back a nice young woman asked me if my band was any good. I told her, "I can't tell you if we're good or not. I just like what I do." Boy, this answer kinda blew her left lobe out the back of her pretty little cranium. Look, it's not rocket science. You can't just ask a guy (or girl) that's in a band if their band is any good. Here's the reason why: Music is quite possibly one of the purest forms of subjective art. Over the years I can tell you that we have had people that love our work, hate our work, or are mildly inclined to support us now and then. It all comes with the territory when you want to just play for people and have fun entertaining others who are out and about for a night, looking for something to be entertained by. Do I think we're a good band? Hell yes, I think we're damned good band. But, music is like food. If you don't like a certain food, you won't eat it. If you don't like a band's music, you won't listen to it. I could tell a thousand people we're a good band, but I can't just MAKE them like us anymore than a good mother can get her kid to like their veggies because in the end, it's all subjective. So I will simply say that I love what I do. I hope others will too, and that it brings enjoyment to their lives, for we do not have an eternity to dwell on this crazy ball of rock.

From the Bassist's Corner Part 2! A Few Years Later...

Winter is on the way out again and spring is coming back. With spring’s arrival, we kick off our year at the Shipwreck Tavern in West Seattle. Armed with a few new songs written with our new drummer, Tex, we hit the stage in a room that is packed much more than it has been compared to the last three times we’ve played the venue. And real quick, even though I posted quick comments and such on FB and a few here from RN, I want to say again, THANK YOU to everyone that made it such a wonderful night to be doing our first show of the year! Your support cannot ever be overstated, and I hope I never make any of you feel underappreciated for making the effort to come out and see us! (If I do, and you feel the need, you should promptly let me know and I’ll try to make amends! I swear!)

Once the show ended and I sat at the bar in the surrounding conversations that suddenly seem… distant, I received a multitude of compliments from the members of Rocinante, Lark VS Owl, various show attendees, both of the Shipwreck owners and a fellow bassist that had seen us 4 years prior to this show. The compliments were generous and I took them as best I could, though the end result is usually me thinking later on that I can do even better. Don’t get me wrong, getting complimented on my delivery is incredibly heartwarming, and I feel like I gave people something exciting to talk about, which in the ends means I’ve done my job on a three-fold level. I played my parts correctly, which means I did not let myself down. It also means I did not let my wonderful band-mates down. And, because I came through, the people who made the effort to see what we have to offer took with them a positive memory when they left for a good night sleep.

With that said, if you like what we have to offer, we will be performing again at Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack in Georgetown, March 31rst. We hope you’ll come out again, say hello, and have some chili while we do our best to give you an evening of positive memories! (Rumor has it that the chili is most excellent, too!)

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