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Trapt w/ The Apostles

April 29th ,2016 We will Rock the beach on San Leon, TX with Trapt! Call for presale tickets now this show will Sale Out! Thanks, Gerald Lee Rodriguez 281-217-4763

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ADEMA w/ The Apostles

We are in Direct Support for ADEMA at Concert Pub North in Houston,TX! Come out and support!! Thanks for your support!!

Current Events, Happenings and NEW MUSIC!!!

Hey everyone, This J.D. here, dropping a line and updating everyone on what's going on with us currently. First off, I wanna say thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Houston Press Music Awards for 2012!!! Although we didn't get the win, it was still an awesome experience to be nominated and to be considered one of Houston's Best Rock Bands of 2012! You guys made it happen, and for that We are eternally grateful. Thext big thing coming up is our show with ADEMA!!! I've personally been a fan of theirs for the past 10 years and was geeked when I found out we were on the bill with them. Although their frontman left the band back in November, they still rock out and the guitarist does a great job of filling as the new(ish?) vocalist for the band. Also on the bill is our friends in Inner Image, with whom we had the pleasure of meeting and doing a show with at BFE Rock Club on the 27th of July. These guys are amazing musicians and a sight to see. They really rock the house with excellent music, razor shap vocals and an overall great performance. And speaking of BFE..... ....We have a live performance from that show coming your way SOON!!!! Me and the guys will be sitting down and reviewing the music to select our best tracks to be releasd here on our reverbnation page!!! I gotta tell ya, I was pretty impressed on how great most of these tracks came out!!! I've been listening to them over and over to pick my favs and share with the guys and get their opinions. One of our fan favs came out AMAZING!!! Won't tell ya which, but there's one about some alcoholic beverages that I know a lot of you like!!! Plus, Our first single, "Where Do I Stand" live version sounds grat too, keep checking back to see what we have in store for you here on ReverbNation!!!! We are working on some new music and some great tunes are on their way!!! Everyone has been doing an amazing job at creating powerful and and heartfelt music. It's so sureal to be apart of this amazing group and to be able to share our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and love for music with you all. Thank you guys for your support. Thats all I have for now, but keep checking back to hear from me, or one of the guys on updates, current events, or new music. Til next time, I'm outtie!!! -J.D, - The Apostles

The House of Blues

July 7th is about to go down in Downtown Houston!!!! Seven GREAT Bands and Adam & Eve Clothing!!!

The Apostles Blog!!!!

Hey everyone!!! We will be posting blogs about upcoming events and happenings within the band. So far, We have the Rock Party Circus coming up on July 7th at the House of Blues. Also, we have been working hard on some new music and practicing pretty hardcore to bring our fans the best Hard Rock and jams we can bring!!! That's it for now, stay tuned for some more juicy details on upcoming events and happenings from The Apostles!!!! Love, Peace and Chicken Grease!!! - J.D.