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Tje Austin ~ Singer / Songwriter

Find me on Twitter, Myspace and of course Facebook! Singer Tje (pronounced TYE) Austin, a vocalist and songwriter who hails from Austin, Texas, is a breath of fresh air and is making his mark on the music scene. With his truth running deeply, Tje’s smooth and warm vocals caress the soul and speak to the heart. Tje has opened for Grammy award nominees Anthony David, Dwele and Trey Songz. Tje is one of nine children, all from a rich tapestry of multicultural backgrounds. Tje grew up traveling and living across the U.S. and even overseas in Japan. The experience of living in different places, gave Tje not only a deeper sense of himself, but also a unique understanding of how different places have their own rhythms and pace, which influence his music. Tje is also influenced by his family members’ diverse ethnicities and musical tastes. Tje says, “There were so many of us and everyone listened to something different; my parents listened to country and classic rock; my brothers and sisters listened to rock and top 40; and I always liked to listen to soul and R&B. I bring all of these types of music to my music.” Tje moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas and hooked up with musicians Brian Ferguson and Will Wolfe and made a few humble recordings, and uploaded them on MySpace. Suddenly, their songs began to get requested from cities all over the U.S. and even from places like Seoul, Korea and Johannesburg, South Africa. Tje answered the call of his fans for more music by recording his first album, “Love Me Knots” in 2008. A film producer happened upon the “Love Me Knots” album available on iTunes and Amazon, which resulted in his song “Today Tomorrow” being featured in MTV’s indie hit movie “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom” and in “In Every Woman” played on the Today Show. At these accomplishments, Tje said he was “stoked!” Both experiences exposed him to an even broader demographic then he could have imagined at the time, retching up his MySpace counter over 700,000 hits. In 2009, Tje’s talent reached the ears of Louie Fattz and Rudy Jones of EGOT. To launch the artist roster of EGOT, Fattz and Jones were in the market for artists who are authentic and organic with the ability to effortlessly transcend all genres of music and make it their own. Fattz, a musician and film director, and Jones, an award-winning recording engineer, saw in Tje commitment to his craft and the brand of talent that stood on its own without studio wizardry because its purity and soulfulness comfort the soul. Tje’s songwriting talent is equally impressive as his vocal prowess. Tje says that, “I am inspired by small moments, whether they happen to me, my family, or my friends. I take how I feel and try to connect on a personal level with people who listen to my music because we all go through the same life issues!” The partnership between Tje and EGOT is elevating Tje to explore new music that stretches his vocal and songwriting talent. Tje says, “Who I am, moves me to speak about life through my music. What happens to me is happening to someone else, and it’s comforting, whether it’s good or bad, to know that you are not alone; and this is what my music is