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So I just finished Don't Tread On Me. Thanks to special guest and good friend Bill Cataline for running some accent parts and a solo, it added some needed spice to the track. Basically it's my cry that our government, regardless of political sides, is basically screwing us in favor of the wealthy. Also, since I am a teacher, and school is starting back up, I will be taking longer to get product out. I still want to get a song done each month, but more than likely it will be bi monthly for a bit.

Keepin on workin on.

So I have a new untitled track in the works. Should be done with it in the next week or two. Started drum and guitar arrangements for a third one called Under the Hunters Moon.

Also got some mad props from some in real life listeners. One said my voice sounded like Serj and another really dug the my lyrics because of the everyday messages he got from them. Thanks Saul, Seth and Jake.

Work in progress.

Working on putting the finishing touches on The Longest Night and layering in music on latest demo. Should put them both up by the end of the day.

Ready to roll

After many years of experimentation and learning, it's time to start producing. I have the drive and the desire to get this done. Currently working on the vocals for Murder Divine which is up on my page as an instrumental. Hope to be done with it by the end of this week and then send it off for my lead guitarist (Bill Cataline) to lay down some wicked leads and accents.