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We're Grateful!

We're so grateful to everybody that came and visit us here in ReverbNation. More thanks to the fans and friends, for the likes and for giving an extra time to visit us in Facebook!! We love you lots!! 3

It Has Been An Experience

It has been a wonderful journey for me especially, as a musician and an artist. Challenging as it may look and it is, but when I hear that sound of our hard work- hours and hours in the studio, finally played in CD... I tell myself, this is what I was born to do, to sing...to express myself in melodies.

I guess there are a lot of hindrances and I have been battling with them for a while, but as long as I reassure myself about my priorities, I'll be fine.

My band mate is a very patient guy and he puts up with my crap every time, but I have to remind myself I'm not the only one who is going through something in life, he too...but he is a very determined fellow and he takes it all! :-) Without him, I will never be...Thank you for believing in me, in US!

I'm a Believer

I don't really believe in using a third party for promotions, I mean it helps a little, I thought. Lately, I had been watching the boost of fans in other places like Facebook, Youtube, and other internet sites. Like today, I saw CoG's ad promoted in billboard.com! Rashid had been convincing me that 3rd party promotions really helps a lot, and now, I'm a believer! :)

MY SENTIMENTS - a poem by Glenda

(Source: http://smfarookstudios.com/reflections)

As the sun don’t lose it’s brightness, As the moon gives it’s cool glow; As the tiger prowls for it’s prey, As the bees suck the nectar away.

As the baby clings for it’s mothers’ breast As the leech greedily sucks the blood. As the rain pours down on a dying desert As the dry mouth thirst for cold water.

As far as your eyes can see, As much as your ears can hear; As deep as the sea could be As cold as the snow would feel.

Love becomes a parody of life, It laughs when it wants, it cut’s like a knife Everybody want’s it, everybody feels it, Everybody falls, everyone loathes it!

All About Lyrics

I wrote this song sometime ago, we would like your input, suggestions and opinions about it.

Title: Newport Beach ( Homeless)

Can you read my mind Make it whole again Come and sit with me awhile Come and close your eyes

I’ve been walking down this road I’ve been here so long Smoking all those cigarettes I found on the streets

I own the beach, I love the pier I sleep in tunnels everywhere I eat in pretty restaurants But all they give me are just spare

Pouring rain don’t hurt a bit Just know where to sit Bushes are my perfect place Just know where to sleep

Friends around me for sometime Don’t they care a bit People look and stare at me I just smile and say...