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CHISongwriter / Blog

Time Machine

If I had a time machine I'd first go in your past

I'd start with your dad, and all those missed birthdays you had; that left you sad, but he didn't notice, he just kept on moving like a nomad/ He even promised you a pony, not knowing that princesses are impressionable; He didn't know he was suppose to make you eat your vegetables/ Yes he is a dad, but a father or a man, both are questionable; And what about those exes, the ones you wish you never messed with; like the one who was sexy, but you didn't know he had another girl pregnant/ or the one who gave you hope, handed you a rope; but in the end it was a nuce that left you to choke/

If I had a time machine, we'd travel to the future

I wouldn't have to tell you I'm different; I wouldn't say I'm not the guys you've been with/ My actions would yell in our house on the hill; It wouldn't be a tattoo, but a diamond ring to say it's real/ And look at our daughter, she recently turned 8; She had 7 Christmas's and 8 birthdays, and there was a present for every date/ Of course, we will go through downs, but those better the ups; And when people ask where is the love, the answer will be us/

But right now, there's no time machine

So presently you care for me, but you're scared of me; Because of a father who wasn't there since three; Or even the guy who didn't treat you as rare as me/ I can't change the past, but I can mold your future; I can say I'm honest, but your trust must be featured/ I'll just stay away, but be here to make you smile; Because a house has no style if it's not built with the right tiles/

Let's Make Love co-written by Star Morgan

Female: Baby, I wanna make love. But, not that, love that, requires a glove, type love. But instead, requires you to use your head. I mean, we, really don't need my, king sized bed. And, with that being said... Let's Make love

MALE: Ok lets make love, but my touch will change your mind I been watching you for a while, I been putting together the time To show you love, be inside your love, get a taste of your love: physicality builds connection To see me above, to see you above can see our love make an intersection Let's Make Love

Female: Physicallity may build connection. But to touch my mind gets you more in depth, with...my heart. So use your tender touch to, connect with, my heart. And maybe one day when we're apart... I can still feel you. And maybe one day, I will ''feel you'' So baby, let's Make love

MALE: Well I feel you have a wall of trust issues That were made by false "I miss you's" But let me break that wall, even though I would never let you fall Just grip me tight while we create a night full of love's calls Let's Make Love

Female: See I, once let down my wall. Hoping that, he wouldn't let me fall.! Sittin by the phone, waiting for that call! But instead, he played with my head.! Threw my heart on the floor! Hit me in The asz, with physicallity's door! But see, I want much more. I want our hearts to be in sync like, hand and hand. To make love to my heart to be your plan. Let's Make love

MALE: You are really touching my mind, but I just have thoughts of you touching my head A couple kisses to the ribs, will open the lid to a world unknown Im sensitive to your words, and I too am heart broken prone Hearts hand and hand and lips to lips Meaning while I hold both hands down, I kiss both lips Let's Make Love

Female: What else are you gonna do? Hold my hips, And make a couple of dips? I'd rather you make my heart do a bunch of flips. And fein for more. I wanna see what else your mind has in store. Your lips are nice, but your mind I adore. It, puts me in a state of bliss and allure. I'm in love with your intellect. I, wanna teach you more about love, than you can learn on the internet. Intertwine our minds, like a fish net. After we make your, type of love, what's next? A hug And a peck? Make love my way? And forever? Together we'll stay. So what do you say? Let's Make love.

Male: Ok lets make love wth our minds, but we both need time see time has effected both of our pasts, I cant let you waste mine But I cant waste yours, your body I adore yet the way you articulate has made me want you more In ways I can't handle, you are something special Like a first place medal, which is the only thing I can settle For with a our through the adventure land we call a cerebellum Ive witnessed a mystical woman seen seldom I used the head of my erection instead of the brain on my shoulders Love is the only war that needs two soldiers So together we fight the demons of our past So whats my answer to the question youve asked?

At First We Were Friends

At first we were friends, I told her everything She told me her secrets, her fears, her hopes and dreams

When she was mad I made her calm, when things were hectic she kept me subtle We were always there for each other, some nights we would even cuddle

Then we had sex and it became beneficial She told me I always made her climax to full potential

The best I ever had, physically and emotionally too we have chemistry, connection, so what was next to do

So we dated, made an official bond We did random things together like skipping rocks across the pond

We would write our names on things in pen, forever couldnt end But then something happen that I couldnt even comprehend

Now we are enemies, things arent the same hatred is created anytime someone mentions my name

At first we were friends, then lovers, now we are foes Was it worth it? I don't know, but thats just how life goes

Opposites Attract

I am day, she is night, I am the sun, she is the moon I am breakfast, she is lunch, I am the knife, she is the spoon

She is cold, I am hot, she is winter, I am summer She is an aunt, I am an uncle, she is a sister, I am a brother

I am music, she is poetry, I am melody, she is rhyme I am copyright, she is stolen, I am legal, she is crime

She is alcohol, I am weed, she is drunk, I am high But this is from love, not the senseless drugs we try

I am after, she is before, I am the effect, she is the cause I am quiet, she is loud, I am the performance, she is the applause

She is emotions, I am words, she silence, I am sound She is the sky, I am her ocean, she is the up when I'm down

I am in lust, she is in love, I am in love, she is in lust I am me, She is her, but together we make US

She is pink, I am blue, She is white, I am black Its crazy how all these things are different, yet OPPOSITES ATTRACT

Self Esteem Healing

You have insecurities? Well I work for security So let me help you out with this curing key

Never settle for less, never let someone put you down It seems as if people love to see you frown

But you must take care of your self esteem You must eliminate negative players from your team

One thing you need in yourself is faith Look into the mirror and be reminded of your strengths

Someone will always judge you, but only God's judgement matters Your self esteem should always rise in your mind's ladder

Everyone is worth something, and your worth can not be measured One thing you should know is your life is truly treasured

The Cheater

I must start by saying I want to be the best man for you But I am a cheater and that's something you don't need to go through

I can't help my ways, and I need to change You have high standards, and right now I'm not in your range

If I can't focus on us, then what is our purpose I know you hate lying (lion), so let's get away from this circus

I don't want to be alone, but you don't deserve this I am a cheater, and I am not worth it

But I would never get with another woman, don't think that I am a cheater because I am not the me that can give your life its best impact

If I don't know myself, then I am hurting us I want to see your love, but I get blinded by lust

I want to take you around the world and show you sights, but I can't I want to be the one to hold you morning through night, but I can't

Because I am a cheater, and it can't be ignored But if you wait for me, I can be the man you've been looking for


Is beauty truly on the inside? That’s the hypothesis I say yes and forget who thinks opposite

The thoughts of interesting intellect Intersects with the way I'd like to interact (with you)

Yes Im attracted to her attraction but that’s just a fraction Of the interaction in our love's traction

The other half of the fraction is her beautiful actions Soul mates at mental rates makes addition to our passion

So extravagant with her elegance Everything about her is an epiphany in its evidence

Particularly her Persona gives my participation I love the arrangement of her announcing articulation

Brilliance is beauty, Beauty is Brilliance Physical is great but I’m looking for emotional fulfillment

One that's understanding, supportive and of course trusting One that I can attach to her mental motives before penetrating our LUSTings

Love Has No Synonym

Love has no synonym, no same feeling; Love is a cure, no comparison to this healing/

Love is unexplainable, but you know when it's there; Some are afraid to fall in love; but love kills fear/

"I loved you then, but not anymore" that makes no sense; Real love never disappears; it keeps a present tense/

Love is the key to happiness; the meaning to life; It might enlight the sight of a darkened midnight/

Which represents pain and heart break; See there's no measure of how much love one heart makes/

That one heart takes and lets flow through its veins; Love must flow through your heart before it makes it to your brain/

Just a thought doesn't make this situation true; Can't find love? That’s cuz it's not yet meant for you/

Why rush? You can't force or fake this emotion; Love has no synonym; but first you need its devotion

My Intervention

The first step is admitting, so truth is Im addicted to you; at any time, any position, anything you desire Ill do/

Thanks for making me forget about everyday problems; You put me on top when I feel I hit rock bottom/

Expression of my affection is directed through connection; from injection of what I see as perfection/

How else can I express my emotions; Im addicted to both fast and slow motions/

I need you because your taste reminds me of my favorite food; And you go down so smooth, which keeps me in a good mood/

I finally meet happiness when you & I are together; But then I realize this happiness is not forever/

Cuz when I come down from love's suspension; the problems are still fact, and this particular happiness was fiction/

Im glad I can admit it, you were my addiction; Now I know how to fix it, thanks to MY INTERVENTION


I walk behind a shadow of myself, confused; thoughts in my mind to choose, good or bad yet they fuse/

to make the human me instead of the sunshine's picture; my written scriptures are my only true life fixture/

Only elixir, potion, medication, meditation; education to one nation I call self-socialization/

yes its only my decision with precision rising; from deep in the shadows of self-vision/

self-esteem, self-actualization of knowing one's potential; which is essential to my inner star's pistol/

shooting for the game of fame once unnamed; my shadow fights my shadow that was once untamed/

but now unleashed knowing one's self, putting self as one; myself plus myself equals myself under none/

I walk behind a shadow of myself reflected; I follow my own thoughts, my own intellection/