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Beats With Hooks

If you hear a beat on my page with a hook on it, you can purchase it with the hook or i can take it off just let me know.

Number Of Verse’s On A Beat

Jus lemme know how many verse's u want on the beat and I'll hook it up, I usually jus post a minute and 30 seconds worth of a beat so u can hear how the hook & verse sound. So jus get at me.


I decided to sale my drumkit/soundkit to you producers out there. I got some sounds in the kits that i chopped up myself. I fused the sound & drumkit together to make one big kit, so you can get the hard hittin' drums you need and the sounds that you wont find no where else online.


Drum Kit/Sound Kit - $50

Just send me a message if your interested in the kit and we can go from there, Also you can take a listen to my beats on the page and you'll hear some of the sounds and drums in this kit.