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corprate rock on a local level

Bands helping bands, thats all you hear being a part of the local music scene... But to get another bands help, whats it going to cost you? Jeff just got a new p.a. system that sounds amazing, do you think he will let you borrow it for your upcoming show? yes he will, but for a price. what about dave's lighting equipment, same situation. In the end, most bands only help other bands if they, in turn, get something out of it. Usally cash up front. The sad truth is that most bands only help other bands if they are getting something out of it. The corprate way of life has effected small town thinking. P.S. Thanks to No Thru Traffic for not being this way.

Stories that remain untold

One man is approached on the street near Carnegie Hall by another man and asked, "Pardon me, sir, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?" He replies, "Practice, practice, practice."