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I often feel exhausted but I still feel the need to GO GO GO! Im so determined and I feel like slow progress is better than no progress! Luckily I'm blessed with a wonderful support group who inspire and motivate me daily! I'm in GRINDMODE! CD # 1 Complete Mixtape # 1 on the way!


While laying in bed last night I started looking around the room. I thought to myself "my room is so comfy!" Then I started to think how selfish I can be. I'm usually thinking of things that I want and often get down and out because I dont have all the things that I'd like to have, but I rarely stop to look around at all the things I have. Im very blessed and fortunate to have a roof over my head, a vehicle to drive, running water, food to eat, clothes on my back, a constant paycheck, and people who support me and my dreams. I am desperately trying to remember wants and needs are very different.


As a child I couldnt wait to be an adult! Now im an adult and often think back on things I could have done differently as a youth. Cant look back though! Ever Forward! I know in my heart what GOD has planned for my life and I'm excited about this journey. There will be bumps in the road but im ready for whatever Life has in store for me. Live Learn and Grow!