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Ive really enjoyed the amount of preparation that goes into doing a full length show. It should be fun and not stressful. If its fun youre doing the right thing, if isnot than I am sorry for you. Theres a certain amount of nervous energy that goes into it because noone knows how its going to turn out besides the thoughts you have in your head. I have no doubt in my head that this isnt going to be good just how good is the question. Everyone rises to the call and puts in the work that alows us to put on the show we would want to. Its extremely important to me and the guys so I can almost bet my last dollar that there will be loads of bloody string fingers and bruised vocal chords to give you the est darn show in an hour.

To be noticed in a big city

NYC is a big city. The biggest city in America. Its quite easy to not know your immediate neighbors, its even easier to get lost in the shuffle here. There are thousands of bands that all claim NY as their home. How do we not get lost in the shuffle? Thats the question that I ask myself everyday. If we were in Kokomo Indiana maybe that would be an easier question to answer but being in NYC is another animal. In any event I am happy to say that the 3 gentlemen standing with me are dedicated to not getting lost in the shuffle. Can we not get lost in the shuffle? Or will we get lost in the shuffle? When I looked at how many bands are in the city it is amazing!!!! Thousands of bands! Literally thousands, maybe even tens of thousands! Everyone comes here believing this is the place to make it happen but everyone probably doesnt realize theyve got thousands maybe tens of thousands of bands that are here in Ny and lots of us get lost in the shuffle. Blue Meadow lets look the shuffle dead smack in the eye and find our way through the shuffle and emerge nice, snug, warm and most importantly not lost in this gigantic place we call home!

For our friends outside the USA and outside of NY

Hey beautiful people that do not live in NY or the USA for the matter. I have something out there for you. I know that most of you probably wont be in NY on february 26th 2011 and thats fine but there is an alternative to getting that free cd. Check your e mail later today for details. You would only get that e mail if you signed up for our reverb nation mailing list :-), but stay tuned and we will work something out especially for you!!

The swing of things

The band has settled into a routine now. It is a good feeling. It is a past time that everyone has taken seriously. We meet at least 5 times a week. I dont think I've met with any organization that many times a week. LOL. Our laboratory overlooks midtown manhattan. Couldnt be a better vibe. Love it! Its a good feeling to play and sing and be with like musicians. It is awesome creating an album that is completely different from what youre used to. It is going to be a ball to release to everyone and see what their reactions are and to perform the music and for people to vibe with us. Thats the main reason why we are doing the Feb 26th show at the bar east. Live stage, live bands, rock and roll fans, and Blue Meadow. Show case our talent in our own home town city in front of lovely Ny'ers and tourists. I cant wait to get on stage and explode!! If you are in Ny at the time or if you are a NY'er than make sure you come down to the bar east on Feb 26th because I am boiling with very hot steam now so by the time that date comes I will pop out the roof.


Were in the midst of creating an album! We are pretty excited about it. Weve recorded 2 songs already as some of you would know. No and hero, which thanks to you guys have been played and favorited loads of time in the small time its snippets have been online. We expect to be finished the procject in early february which is why we are having a nice little concert to kick that off in manhattan at the bar east. We are going to have a blast! I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Were taking rock to another crazy level and were going to have a blast performing songs from our finished project. Coming?


My partner in crime, my buddy, long time friend. Joe and I met in high school and sang together in an acapella group called Midnite harmonee. It was a treat, and we've gained so much musical experienc doing that including meeting with and working with the great Paul Simon. Joe is one of the most rational, reasonable people I know. To top it off his song writing ability is off the charts. There is an inner crazy performer in Joe that is waiting for a big enough stage to let loose on. In the lab you cant control joe's excitment. I look forward to releasing him on you so you can experience the joe. Seriously one of the coolest, rational, great guys Ive ever met. Honor to meet him and work with him.


My long time friend, partner, and a good guy. I met Dex years ago singing in a gospel group in the bronx. He had an extremely high voice and was known throughout the area like that. A singer for sure, a lover of harmony and a musician. Some years later I found that he put singing on the back burner and put druming on the front burner. He played with many different gospel, jazz, and even some soul and R&B musicians. When I was looking for a drummer to fill the spot in Blue Meadow, I looked everywhere but right in front of my nose in Dex. One day Dex and I sat in a guitar center and he was showing me some new drum tech, in a daze I asked him if he could play and sing. He looked at me like I had asked the dumbest question in the world, and sang and played a song I wrote not too long ago. From that point I knew Dex would be the guy to fill the spot, just had to get it past Joe. As Dex got in his voice and drumming complimented perfectly what the band did. He is an awesome drummer and has a great voice and is totally a highlight of the band. It took a while because I looked everywhere else but it was supposed to take a while and it was supposed to have some disappointments because without those experiences I would not have stumbled into the man that would fit in perfectly. Hard worker, and dedicated to the project and the tech man he is a guy that is without doubt one of the strong pillars that make up the Blue Meadow structure. Thanks Dex! You wont read this but thanks. See you.....well you know where!


I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most gifted musicians. Densen is fluent in so many different instruments and can get lost in any one of them. He has perfect pitch and doesnt miss a beat. His brain moves in ways that I dont think I can understand. His lightening fast thinking and creative mind keeps the band on their toes. He came to the band as a lead guitarist and he is really splendid at it. Tomorrow when we record he will be playing the piano. So he is a singer, and an arranger, a man that plays a million insturments, composer, and a funny guy. I am happy to have met him and have him apart of the team. Looking forward to seeing den add one of his a littl out there guitar solos for sure. Good night everyone and see you tomorrow after recording. Got to get some sleep now but I will catch you tomorrow. up next: dex

Wanna hear it, hear it go!

Hey this is Jamal from Blue Meadow writing the first blog on behalf of Blue Meadow. I have never written a blog but it seems like a great place to let out some of the thoughts behind what you are doing so noone can ever say they dont understand whats behind the process of Blue Meadow! Right now I thought that I would just give you some insight to some of the members that make up blue meadow. Since were somewhat at the beginning I want to talk to you about blue meadow and who we are and our make up. At least from my point of view that is. The three guys that I am working with here are an awesome talent and good guys to be around and with. We all have stories and history together and now here we are putting this idea together. Its been a long road to get even here and its going to be a longer road ahead of us but with the four of us and then all of you(who read this blog), I think we will watch this monster wake up. Densen, Dexter, Joe, and I the members that create blue meadow. 4 individuals song writers, singers, musicians, that have decided that doing music in this capacity is just about saying "no" to whatever handicap you believe you may have. No handicaps, but capless blue sky.